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We immediately got underway in the New Year with some Family History!

Jones Family

At the turn of the year and into the New Year, I completed  an Appendix of information about the family, when they lived in the lead-mining area in Swaledale, North Yorkshire:

Jones Family Appendix

1921 Census

It will be a while before I can access the new Census via Ancestry but I did have a look at some of the changes I would expect.

Hunt Family

When we looked at Chris' mother's family in 1911, Chris spotted that Aunt Daisy Hunt was not mentioned. We found her in service at nearby White Webbs Farm House:

1911 Census

White Webbs Farm House, Waltham Cross, Herts

Daisy Ella May Hunt, Servant (Age 15)
- General Servant, Domestic (to Mr & Mrs Pope) born Ongar, Essex

I also found the date of her christening along with 3 of her sisters:

Jesus Church, Enfield

Christening of 4 sisters (Parents Arthur Hunt, Gardener of White Webbs & Eliza) 27.10.1907

Elsie May Hunt born 14.9.1905

Margery Amy Hunt born 14.10.1902

Daisy Ella May Hunt born 17.7.1895

Florence Winifred Olive Hunt born 10.11.1897

Colin Bower
7 January 2022

What was new in 2021?

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