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In 1998, a correespondent sent me 5 Family Group Sheets from a relationship database for:

1. Edward & Alice (Siggins) Walland who married in 1781

Edward& Alice Walland

2. Their son William who married Sarah Woodhouse in 1806

William & Sarah Walland

3. Edward (also son of Edward & Alice) who married Mary Reynolds in 1813

Edward & Mary Walland

4. Their son Edward William who married Susannah Hutley in 1837
See Nore below

Edward William & Susan Walland

5. Some Notes on Susan Hutley & her family

Susan Hutley & Family


Family Group Sheet 4. for Edward William & Susannah (Hutley) Walland is important becuase it shows their children including:

- Mary Ann Walland who married George Frederick Brecht and

- Margaret Walland her sister who married Caleb Andrews in 1867 (information obtained since the Group Sheet was drawn up)

I hold a copy of Edward & Susan's marriage certificate, in which Edward refers to himself as William Edward.

Edward William Walland died in 1885 (age 73)

Colin Bower
8 February 2024

Walland Progress

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