The Bower & Collier Family History

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Bower Family

Mini-Project Additional Parish Records

In piecing together information, to get an understanding of which family members ran the leasehold Rowberry Mead, I obtained the following additional Parish Records:

Marriage of William & Elizabeth Bower in 1775

Christening of William & Elizabeth's children

1. Sarah Bower's christening 1773

2. George Bowyer's christening 1776

3. William Gux Bower's christening in 1786

4. Mary Ann Bower's christening in 1797

Marriages of William & Elizabeth's children

5. George Bower's marriage to Sarah Strudwick in 1805

6. William Gux Bower's marriage to Ann Selman in 1810

7. Sarah Bower's marriage to Thomas White in 1811

Christening of Thomas & Sarah's children

8. Sarah White's christening in 1812

Christening of George & Sarah's children

9. Mary Bower's christening in 1809

10. George Bower's christening in 1811

Marriage of George & Sarah Bower's children

11.George Bower's marriage to Caroline Watts in 1833

Christening of William Gux & Ann Bower's children

12. William George Bower's christening in 1817.

13. Ann Bower's christening in 1818

Christening of Christopher Bower's children

14. Benjamin Bates Bower christened in 1820

Christening of Benjamin Bower's children

15. George Christopher Bower's christening in 1843


16. Potential Death of William Bowers in 1812

17. Elizabeth Bower's burial in 1820

18. William Gux Bower in 1835

19. Death of George Bower (Sarah's husband) in 1845

208. Death of George Bower (Caroline's husband) in 1859

Fuller details may be obtained from all the Parish Records obtained to date:

Bower Parish Records

Colin Bower
4 February 2024

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