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Abbis Worland

On a visit to Meldreth in 2001, we came across the name Abbis Worland. - see Walland Progress

In 1998, a correspondent sent me an index to the Parish Records of Meldreth & Melbourn:

Index to Parish Records

The index included 2 families in  Meldreth in the name Abbis:

1. Abbis & Elizabeth Worland

Abbis Whirland bp 21.10.1781

Abbyss Worland married Elizabeth Cornish 30.12.1806

Abbis Worland buried 22..9.1839 (age 57)

Children of Abbis & Elizabeth

Mary Worland bp 13.1807
William Worland bp 8.7.1810
James Walland bp 20.7.1811
Charles Worland bp 20.2.1814
Elizabeth Worland bp 13.4.1817
Thomas Worland bp 6.6.1824 - see Notes below
Frederick Worland bp 6.6.1824 - see Notes below

2. William & Susan Worland

Son Abbess Worland bp 10.8.1834


1. An Abbas Wollen was a witness at the marriage of William Wollen in Meldreth in 1816

2. In 1819 & 1823, Abbis is described a s Cow Doctor

Colin Bower
8 February 2024

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