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Welcome to our website which includes reports on the activities of the New Milton Discussion Group and a series of projects.

New Milton Discussion Group

The New Milton Discussion Group has met up as best it can during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Online Discussions/Zoom Meetings

At present, questions are circulated and answers may be submitted by e-mail or phone and/or at a Zoom Meeting. Answers are summarised in this website.

Current Online Discussion/Zoom Meeting

February Online Discussion/Zoom Meeting

Previous Online Discussion/Zoom Meeting

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Group Actviities 2020

Group Actvities 2020


What's New?

New activities in 2021:

What's New?

Family History

Research into our Family Tree:

Bower/Collier Family History including

the Family Tree with links to our 16 Great Grandparents- and their descendants

Local History

Find the Lady!

A Local History Project where I traced a Victorian Lady who lived in the Lymington area in 1883-1893 and kept a Calling Book that my mother bought on Lymington market.

The Project is summarised in a series of articles with a Final Report:

Find the Lady! Index

Naval History

Sinking of the SS Britannia in 1941

My father was a passenger on the Britannia

He was rescued from a lifeboat by the Spanish vessel Cabo de Hornos and I helped him write up his personal account of survival, since when there has been an extraordinary amount of contact with descendants of others who survived the sinking:

The Sinking of the SS Britannia

Family History

The Big One!

Some years ago now, I decided to summarise/type up my family history records into a series of Family Research Project Reports starting with some of the names where there has been less research, before moving onto the main 16 names. This will be the biggest project I have ever undertaken and will take some years to complete.

The Big One!

Brecht One-Name Study

I have undertaken a detailed study into the name Brecht, my mother's maiden name, and the descendants of Heinrich (Henry) Brecht and his two wives Mary Somes and Harriet Piper:

Brecht One-Name Study

Silk Weavers named Collier

Research into Silk Weavers named Collier (my wife Chris' maiden name) living in Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Bethnal Green in East London in 18th & 19th Centuries with possible links to weavers of Huguenot descent (including Gaucheron/Kemp:)

Silk Weavers named Collier

During this research, progress has been summarised:

Visits to Places of Interest

We have made many interesting and enjoyable visits including a memorable one to Ireland:

Photo taken at the Giant's Causeway - August 2017

Visits to Places of Interest - Main Index

Photo Album

Collation of the photos that appear throughout the web site:

Photo Album

Progress Reports

A summary of progress made in each of the projects:

Progress Reports

Contact Details

We hope that there is something of interest here for you and if so do e-mail us using our contact details:

Contact Details

Colin Bower
11 February 2021

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