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Sinking of the SS Britannia 1941

Miscellaneous Information

A number of miscellaneous articles have been completed:

Summaries from Information Obntained


Commander Stanley Sturgeon

The distinguished Naval Officer who commanded Dad's lifeboat


The Convoys from Liverpool and Gibraltar

The Britannia's Lifeboats


Photos Obtained

Photos Taken during Project

Reports on the Sinking

Press Reports

The Thor

The Thor, that sank the Britannia

Visit to the National Archives 2007

Visit to Kew

Dippers & Hugh

In 2012, a correspondent made contact to tell me that his grandfather had been on the ill-fated SS Britannia and survived. His grandfather made the journey to South America. My correspondent drew my attention to some interesting websites:


- using a "dipper" on the Britannia to obtain fresh water from a water vessel onboard the lifeboat


- the story of Hugh who unfortunatelydidn't survive the taxing journey to Brazil by Lifeboat No 7

Colin Bower
11 July 2023

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