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Sinking of the SS Britannia 1941


Reporting - Stories from  newspaper and magazine articles about the Britannia.

In addition to the valuable Personal Stories, one of the interesting sections in the main Britannia website is the collection of Press Reports.

I have no wish to duplicate what is in the SS Britannia website but list below what is available :

5 April 1941
The Times - one of the early reports of the sinking

19 May 1941
LIFE Magazine - the story of some of the survivors of Lifeboat Number 7

23 October 1941
Birmingham Evening Mail - Alfred Warren's local paper

1 November 1941
The Illustrated London News - 2nd Lt. Cox, Sub Lt. Davidson and Lt. Rowlandson rescued from their raft

A horrendous story of survival, on one of the rafts, from notes provided by 2nd Lt. Cox

Rescue from a raft per 2nd Lt. Cox

17 April 1960
Sunday Pictorial - Spencer Mynott's story

24 April 1960
Sunday Pictorial - the reunion of Spencer Mynott and Alfred Warren

16 August 1997
The Independent - the obituary of Captain William McVicar who sailed on Lifboat Number 7. (This article gives the date of Britannia's sinking, incorrectly, as 23 March).

16 August 2003
The Guardian - the obituary of Vice Admiral Sir Ian McIntosh who sailed on Lifeboat Number 7

Colin Bower
24 September 2020

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