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Sinking of the SS Britannia 1941

Ships in the Convoys that Dad was in

When we visited Gibraltar in 2007, someone on the tour told me of a shop that sold photo's of ships. By contacting them, I was able to obtain photographs of ships that were in the two convoys that my father was in, in 1941:

Convoy from Liverpool 11 March 1941

It is not clear how many vessels were in the convoy that sailed from Liverpool but it certainly included 3 vessels (some have said: 5) plus their escort (believed to be 3 destroyers - one American - and an armed merchant cruiser). A Sunderland aircraft checked ahead.

3 of the Ships Escorted

S S Brittania

S S City of Hongkong

S S Themistocles

Ship that rescued Dad

My father had obtained a photograph of the ship that rescued him on 29 March 1941:

Cabo de Hornos

Convoy from Gibraltar (Convoy CF001/1) 8/9 May 1941


HMS Argus (photo taken at Gibraltar)

HMS Repulse

Since I ordered the photo's, I have found out that two further vessesl were in the escort:

HMS Wrestler and HMS Velox

Ships Escorted

Empress of Scotland (previously Empress of Japan)

Monarch of Bermuda

Empress of Japan

The shop also provided me with a copy of the previous vessel named Empress of Japan whose figurehead Chris and I saw in Stanley Gardens in Vancouver:

Colin Bower
22 October 2020

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