The Bower & Collier Family History

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Brecht One Name Study

Family Tree Names Index

Family Tree Names Index

The website includes a Bower/Collier Family Tree including the Brechts:

Bower/Collier Family Tree

The following Brecht names have links to the Family Tree:

Albert Brecht
Anthony Brecht
Arthur Brecht *
Arthur Alexander Brecht k/a Brett
Arthur George Brecht
Caroline Brecht
Catherine Piper Brecht
Charles Brecht
Charlotte Brecht
Christianna Piper Brecht
Christine Brecht
Doris Ivy Brecht *
Edith Jessica Brecht
Edward Brecht
Eleanor Brecht
Elizabeth Piper Brecht
Ellen Gertrude Emily Brecht
Emily Enid Brecht
Frederick John Lawrie Brecht
George Frederick Brecht *
George Henry Brecht
Gordon Brecht
Heinrich Brecht *
Henry Brecht
Henry Frederick Ludewig Brecht
Ivy Grace Brecht
John King Brecht
Leslie Harry Brecht
Margaret Brecht
Maria Catran Brecht
Mary Ann Brecht
Rosina Brecht
Stanley Philip Brecht
Walter Frederick Brecht
William Thomas Brecht k/a Brett
Howard Arthur Brett
Vernon Raymond Brett

Colin Bower
6 March 2021

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Brecht One Name Study - Main Index:

Brecht Family - Main Index

BMD Names Index

A Names index of births, marriages and deaths in the name of Brecht:

BMD Names Index

Certificates Held

A list of the originals or copies of some of birth, marriage and death certificates I hold:

Certificates Held

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