The Bower & Collier Family History

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Brecht One Name Study


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The surname Brecht, my mother's maiden name, is rare in England

As part of a One-Name Study, I have conducted extensive research, which is summarised in the following:


Bower/Collier Family Tree including the Brechts

Family Tree Names Index

Progress To Date

Major Discovery 2011

Other Artcles

Other articles have been put into separate folders:

Heinrich/Henry and Mary (Somes) & Harriet (Piper) Brecht, Foundation of the Family in England

Heinrich Brecht & His Two Wives

Official Records Obtained

Official Records Obtained

Own Records/Analysis

Own Records/Analysis

George Henry Brecht& Lucy Ann Cornwell

Our Black Sheep! (George that is)

Hard Times Suffered

Hard Times for some of the Brechts

Other Individuals

Information on Some Other Individuals

Visits to London


Miscellaneous Articles

Other Articles

Colin Bower
22 June 2023

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