The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Bower/Collier Family Tree

- Family Tree of our 16 Great Grandparents

Henry Thomas Hayes*      
  Charlotte Hayes*    
Charlotte Gardner*      
    Frederick Bower*  
George Christopher
  William Bower*    
Martha Hannah
      Colin Malcolm Bower
Charles Herbert
  Ellen Elizabeth
Curran Saunders*
Emma Mary
    Doris Ivy Brecht*  
George Frederick
  Arthur Brecht*    
Mary Ann Walland*      

James Peryer*      
  Mary Perrier*    
Martha Smith*      
    Leonard Stanley Collier*  
Charles Collier*      
  Walter James Collier*    
Matilda Gardiner*      
      Christine Elizabeth Collier
Jeremiah Marjoram*      
  Eliza Marjoram*    
Elizabeth Ransom*      
    Phyllis Marjoram Hunt*  
William Hunt*      
  Arthur Hunt *    
Harriet Farrow*      

The asterisk * denotes our direct ancestors.

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