The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Collier Family

Visit to Canada June 2006

Chris and I enjoyed a wonderful holidy on a Rockies and Vancouver tour followed by 3 nights in Saskatoon to meet up with some of Chris' second cousins (descended from Charles Collier, Silk Weaver and his son Charles Collier, the Ropemaker).

Apart from Vancouver (2 nights) and Saskatoon, we spent 2/3 nights in:



Among the highlights of the tour were:

In Banff, we met up with Paul & Johanna Collier (Paul being Ted Collier's son, who lives in Calgary). Paul gave me a much-appreciated enlargement of Ted Collier's handwritten Family Tree (Paul and Johanna are on Page 22 of the Tree!)

Ted Colllier's Family Tree

In Saskatoon, it was good to meet up again with Doug & Merle Bocking who we had got to know on their visits to England.

Doug explained how Edgar & Alice Cocker (daughter of Charles Collier, the Ropemaker) had lived in Beachville, Ontario then Yorkton before moving to Lintlaw where they had a homestead.</>

He showed me copies of land certificates for a plot of land (see Note 2. below) in Lintlaw obtained by Edgar Cocker and 3/4 plots owned by the Bocking family including Edwin who married Edgar & Alices's daughter Agnes Cocker.

In the prairies, it was hard to earn a living off the land and Edwin & Agnes Bocking moved to Saskatoon.

Chris and I were able to meet 5 of Agnes' children, all Chris' second cousins:

Edgar (Ted)
Doug and

Chris with Doug, Esther, Les and Ted at Esther's apartment.

Chris took digital photo's of some of Doug's invaluable collection of family photo's including:

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