The Bower & Collier Family History

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Visits to Places of Interest


One of the most enjoyable aspects of family & local history is to visits places of interest particularly places where our ancestors lived, to bring the Family Tree to life. Among the visits we have made were the following:

Visit to Galway 2017 (Find the Lady!)

Visit to Fulham 1999 (Bower family)

Visit to Beckenham 2000 (Bower family)

Visit to Gibraltar 2007 (Bower family)

Visits to Tenerife 2010, 2019 (Bower family)

Second Visit to Fulham 2009 (Bower/Pitts family)

Visit to Whitechapel 2007 (Bower family & Henry Wainwright, Victorian murderer, not family!)

Visit to East End of London 2001 (Brecht family)

Further Visit to Spitalfields 2009 (Brecht family)

Visit to Bovisand and Plymstock 2001 (Saunders/Neville Family)

Visits to Plymouth 2013/4 (Saunders/Neville Family)

Visit to Islington 2009 (Brecht family and Hayes/Gardner and Hayes/Bradbrook family)

Visit to London 2011 (Bower/Pitts family and Hayes/Gardner and Hayes/Bradbrook family)

includes Visit to the new St Pancras Station

Visit to new St Pancras Station 2011

Visit to Meldreth, Cambridgeshire 2001 (Walland family)

Visit to London/Spitalfields 2015 (Brecht, Collier)

Visit to East End of London 2001 (Collier family)

Visit City of London 2011(Collier family)

Visit to Guildhall Library 2011 (Collier family)

Visit to Canada 2006 (Collier family)

Visit to West Clandon 1987 (Peryer/Perrier family)

Visits to Debenham 1982, 1985, 1998, 2000 (Hunt, Marjoram & Ransome Families)& Crowfield (Farrow family)

Visit to Toot Hill in Essex 2006 (Hunt family)

Photo Album

There is also a photo album for all the photos in the website:

Photo Album

Colin Bower
30 July 2023

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