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Visit to Whitechapel 2007

I made a very successful visit to the Tower Hamlets Local History Library & Archives in Bancroft Road:

Library in Bancroft Road (sandy coloured building in backgroud)

After I left the Library & Archives in Bancroft Road, I walked down the Mile End Road past Stepney Green Underground Station to a very busy Whitechapel Road:

Looking down the Mile End Road

Off to the left of Whitechapel Road is Sidney Street which has all new buildings since the famous siege. My great great grandfather Benjamin Bower lived in Raven Row a turning to the right:

The only old building still standing in Raven Row

Back in Whitechapel Road, Benjamin's brother Alfred was a Victorian photographer at 86 and 87 (now renumbered) were close to the juction near Vallance Road:

86 and 87 Whitechapel Road (since renumbered) next to 85 Pavilion Theatre now demolished and still derelict

At 84 Whitechapel Road, Henry Wainwright had a brushmaker's business:

84 Whitechapel Road (rebuilt & renumbered) next to where the Pavilion Theatre stood

At his warehouse at the rear of 215 Whitechapel Road, Henry Wainwright murdered his mistress. he was apprehended when he tried to move the body. The court case is well-recorded in textbooks:

215 Whitechapel Road (since renumbered now Fix-a-Phone). Note the entrance to the warehouse at the rear of the building.

A correspondent sent me a copy of a photograph of Henry Wainwright taken by Alfred Bower.

Colin Bower
March 2007

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