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Walland Family

Visit to Holy Trinity Church, Meldreth, Cambridgeshire
4 June 2001

There have been many variants in the family name, e.g. Whirland/Worland and Walland.

The following ancestors are known to have lived in Meldreth:

1. Thomas & Elizabeth Whirland (my 6 x great grandparents)

Thomas was a labouring man and Tax Collector. He was buried in Meldreth Churchyard in 1714. His wife Elizabeth lived on until 1728. The couple had 3 sons:

2. Benjamin who appears to have been christened 13.04.1712 and married Elizabeth Odell 12.02.1736 at nearby Layston, Hertfordshire

We made a short but enjoyable visit to the church & churchyard in Meldreth. We were lucky that a caretaker/churchwarden was there and the church was open. He not only directed us to a gravestone of Abbis Worland who died 26.11.1893 (age 58) but told us that he had known an Abbis Worland who lived in the village!

Also see Walland Progress 2024 re Abbis Worland:

Walland progress Report

The churchyard was in very good order and the caretaker/churchwarden said that they were getting ready for the church fete on 16 June.

I was able to buy:

The vicar at the next village of All Saints, Melbourne, Cambridgeshire officiated at both churches.

Colin Bower
19 February 2024

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