The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Family History

Places my Grandfather William Bower livid

I never knew my grandfather William Bower but I have been able to plot places he lived including those identified in the Electoral Rolls by searching on Ancestry:

1. Entry in 1871 Census

Living with parents George & Martha Bower at 6 Edinboro Road, Mile End

2. Books of Training Ship: "Exmouth", Grays, Thurrock, Essex

Joined ship 22.5.1878

Entry 18.6.1879 Discharge 13.5.1882 Ship "Bell"

3. Christening 9.8.1879 (age 13)

Christened at St Peter& St Paul, Grays, Thurrock, Essex

4. Entry in 1881 Census

On Training Ship "Exmouth"

5. Books of Exmouth

Entry 21.2.1883 Discharge 1.3. 1883 Royal Navy HMS Boscawen

6.per Naval Record

Boy Sailor 1883-1885

Royal Naval Career 1885-1895

Signed on in 1885 age 18 for 10 years

7. Marriage 1897

Gave address as 28 Longfellow Road, Stepney

8. Birth of son William 13.2.1898

Living at 13 Ashcroft Road, Mile End

9. Birth of daughter Charlotte 7.10.1900

Living at 39 Lowell Street, Limehouse

10.St Luke, Limehouse

Christening of William & Charlotte 25.7.1900
(father William Bower, Telephone Labourer of 39 Lowell Street, Salmon's Lane)

11. 1901 Census

Living at 39 Lowell Street, Limehouse with wife Charlotte and
children William (who died as a child) and Charlotte

12. St Luke, Limehouse

Christening of Ellen Rebecca Bower 17.8.1903 (born 1.8.1903)
(father William Bower Telephone Labourer of 139 Rhodeswell Road)

13. St Luke, Limehouse

Christening of Dorothy May Bower 4.7.1906 (born 18.6.1906)
(father William Bower Telegram Company’s Repairer of 32 Turners Road)

14. St Luke, Limehouse

Christening of Reuben Thomas Bower 21.8.1908 (born 1.8.1908)
(father Reuben Bower Telephone Labourer of 32 Turners Road)

15. Birth of my father Frederick Bower 1910

Living at 139 Rhodeswell Road, Limehouse

16. St Paul, Bow Common

Christening of Frederick Bower 29.9.1910
(father William Bower Repairer Telephone Company of 139 Rhodeswell Road)

17. 1911 Census

Living at 139 Rhodeswell Road, Limehouse with wife Charlotte and
children Charlotte, Ellen, Dorothy, Reuben Thomas and my father Frederick

18. Electoral Rolls (see Appendix)


1918-1931 8 Locksley Street, Limehouse (See Note 1)
1933-1939 55 Dixon Street, Limehouse

19. 1939 Register of England and Wales

Living at 55 Dixon Street, Limehouse (See Note 2)

20. per Dad's Diary 1941

Living at 154 Streatfield Road, Kenton, Harrow

21. Died 12 December 1948 (age 82)

At 154 Streatfield Road, Kenton, Harrow


1. At one stage the family moved to Becontree (Sheppey Road, Barking) where a lot of new housing was built, but soon returned to Limehouse

2. 55 Dixon Street was destroyed in the Blitz and William & Charlotte & Family moved away from the East End

Colin Bower
17 June 2021

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