The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

The Bowers

Where they were and what they did

The following summary gives a pen picture of my ancestors:

Christopher Bower (circa 1794/5 - 1851)

- my great, great, great grandfather
- tailor and publican

Our knowledge of my great, great, great grandfather is limited to the latter years of his life:

The George Inn (Outside and Inside!) near Fulham Broadway

Things we wish we knew

Where and when Christopher Bower was born and name of parents

What happenend to his wife Elizabeth (Bates?) and his daughter Elizabeth Bower after he died.

Benjamin Bates Bower (circa 1819/20 - 1876)

- my great, great grandfather
- tailor and photographer

The known whereabouts of my great, great grandfather are:

Things we wish we knew

Where Benjamin was living in 1851.
Where the family were living when daughter Louise was born in Whitechapel in 1856/7
Where and when his wife Mary died.

George Christopher Bower (circa 1841/2 - 1877)

- my great grandfather
- baker

We have not been able to trace George's birth certificate but have traced him throughout his short life:



Things we wish we knew.

His birth certificate and whether he had any siblings.

William Bower (1867-1948)

-my grandfather
- sailor and linesman

We have not been able to trace my grandfather's birth certificate and his date remains something of a mystery though 23.10.1866 looks favourite:

Things we wish we knew

Birth Certificate and
Entry in 1891 Census (when in Royal Navy).

Frederick Bower (1910-2006)

- my father
- electrical engineer

My Father Frederick Bower (kneeling) working for Electrical Installations on Bomb Damage to Cable & Wireless' Head Office at Electra House

More detail is given in an Appendix: "My Life:

My Life

Colin Bower
31 December 2007

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