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The Big One!

Family History Research Report

Peryer/Perrier Family

Introduction - Bower/Collier Family Tree

When I set out to study the Bower/Collier Family Tree, my initial aim was to identify my 8 Great Grandparents (Bower) and my wife Chris’ 8 Great Grandparents (Collier). Though I have tended to study the Family History of the 16 Great Grandparents, I have also sought to find out the additional 16 Great Great Grandparents’ family names, and any 3 x Great Grandparents along the way!

The names that I have identified to date are:

Bower/Brecht Family Tree

Bower/Brecht Family Tree

Great Grandparents



2 x Great Grandparents

Pitts (Bower)
Counter (Jones)
Bradbrook  (Hayes)
Tunstell/Tunstill (Gardner)

Somes/Piper (Brecht)
Hutley (Walland/Worland)
Neville (Saunders)
Holbrook (Seabourn(e)/Saban)

3 x Great Grandparents

Pinnion (Pitts)
Spence (Jones)
Mason (Hayes)
Robinson (Bradbrook)
Shocke (Brecht)
Reynolds (Walland/Worland)
Hunt (Piper)
Howard (Seabourn(e)/Saban)

4 x Great Grandparents

Bates (Pitts)
Smithers (Pinion)
March (Jones)
Venice (Robinson)
Juliane (Brecht)
Adamson (Neville)
Siggins (Walland/Worland)

5 x Great Grandparents

Cook/Cock (Jones)
Wyat (Robinson)
Jahns (Brecht)
Odell (Walland/Worland)

6 x Great Grandparents

Amears (Robinson)

7 x Great Grandparents

Amore/Mills (Robinson)

Collier/Hunt Family Tree

Great Grandparents



2 x Great Grandparents

Adams (Collier)
Goodchild (Gardiner)
Mitchell (Peryer/Perrier)
Nye (Smith)
Sheldrake (Hunt)
Smith (Farrow)
Rookyard (Marjoram)
Aldous or Alhous/Ollis (Ransome(e))

3 x Great Grandparents

Mason (Collier)
Ridett (Adams)
Sly (Nye)
Snelling (Peryer/Perrier)
Spall (Hunt)
Shepherd (Farrow)
Allen (Ransome(e))
More (Aldous/Aldis or Alhous/Ollis)

4 x Great Grandparents

Trigg (Peryer/Perrier)

My research has included a One-Name Study into the name Brecht, my mother’s maiden name.

Names Index

The additional surnames in this Report have been listed in the Names Index below.

Peryer/Perrier Family

Great Grandparent: James Peryer
- His Parents: Henry Peryer and Sarah Mitchell
- His Grandparents: James Peryer and Sarah (Snelling?)

Mini Family Tree (Direct Ancestors)

The family tree to date may be summarised:

Peryer/Perrier Family

(?) John Peryer b c 1732
married (?) 29.10.1753
(?)  Sarah Trigg b c 1730

James Peryer b 1755 (?) bp 31.8.1755
married (?) 4.4.1782
(?) Sarah Snelling b c 1760

Henry Peryer bp 20.05.1798
Married 8.03.1828
Sarah Mitchell b c 1805

James Peryer bp 09.03.1836
d 18.04.1907 (Age 72)
married West Clandon 14.11.1869 (Age 33)
Martha Smith b c 1850/1

Mary Peryer/Perrier b 02.12.1869
d 10.02.1949 (Age 79)
married St Luke’s, Hackney 13.05.1894
Walter James Collier b 09.06.1862
d 10.2.1942

Leonard Stanley Collier b 30.11.1909 d 9.5.1988
Married 6.06.1936
Phyllis Marjoram Hunt b 6.06.1912 Died 1991

Christine Elizabeth Collier 
Married 15.10.1966
Colin Bower 

Summary of research undertaken to date

Good progress was made through parish records provided by a correspondent.

We have made enjoyable visits to Cranleigh, Ewhurst, West Clandon and Send and Ripley where the Family lived.

Chris' great grandfather, James Peryer, was one of the labourers working on Lord Onslow's estate at Clandon Park, West Clandon.

In particular, we enjoyed taking Chris' father Len Collier to find the Butt and Ben Cottages near Clandon Park, where he stayed with his grandmother:

Visit to West Clandon

Progress 2000

To promote the research into the Peryer/Perrier/Smith Family, I published an article in the journal of the West Surrey History Society, which generated some very useful information.

Progress 2004

We made an enjoyable visit with friends, who knew the area, to the Guildford area including Cranleigh, Send & Ripley and Ewhurst (where the Peryer/Perrier Family lived) and West Clandon where both families lived.

Progress 2005/7


Progress 2008

A correspondent made contact via Genes Reunited. She was a descendant of Matilda Peryer, James Peryer's sister; James Peryer being Chris' great grandfather.

Entries in the 1861, 1871 and 1891 Censuses were added

Progress 2009

Entries in the 1911 were added

Another correspondent via Genes Reunited claimed that Henry Peryer's grandparents were John Peryer born 1732 who married Sarah Trigg (born c 1730) on 29.10.1753 at Alford Surrey.

Clandon Park a National Trust property in West Clandon, Surrey put together a small exhibition which was part of a series that had been running through the year under the umbrella 'Clandon Uncovered'.

The exhibition in question revolved around an album that many West Clandon residents signed in 1889. This album was Christmas greetings (signatures, poems, prayers and sketches) and sent to the 4th Earl of Onslow who was governor of New Zealand from 1889 to 1892.

Clandon Park researched some of the signatories (including James& Martha Peryer) to see if there were any interesting stories as part of the exhibition. We duly provided some information but unfortunately Chris and I were unable to visit Clandon Park. Clandon Park were kind enough to send an image of the page on which the signatures appear:

Progress 2010

This report was written as part of the Big One! project.

Progress 2011

A correspondent contacted me to advise me that her ancestor James Peryer was a brother of Chris' ancestor Henry Peryer:

James Peryer

bp 23.3.1783 St Peter & St Paul Church, Ewhurst
(parents James Peryer& Sarah Snelling married 4.4.1782 Ewhurst)

James married in Surrey:

Holy Trinity, Albury, Surrey

James Peryer married 26.4.1814
Leah Hill

but by 1840 the couple had moved to Sussex:

Thakeham, Sussex

Leah Peryer died Jan 1840

1841 Census

Wiltsshires, Pulborough, Sussex

James Peryer (57) Famer Born in County - No Henry Peryer (18) Ag Lab Born in County - No
John Peryer (16) Born in County - No
Harriet Peryer (14) Born in County - No
George Peryer (11) Born in County - No
Mary Peryer (7) Born in County - Yes
Jane Peryer (7) Born in County - Yes

After Leah's death James remarried:

Pulboorough/Thakeham, Sussex

James Peryer married 17.4.1843
Elizabeth Large

Colin Bower
1 January 2012

Things we wish we knew

Also see Summary of Records Held (Completed & To Do)

Summary of Records Held - Peryer/Perrier Family

Research Undertaken

The detail of the following research has been listed as Appendices to this report:

Birth Marriage & Death Certificates Held
- Births: 1 (Mary Perrier)
- Marriages: 2 (James Peryer, Mary Peryer)
- Deaths:

Certificates Held - Peryer/Perrier Family

Census Records Obtained
- 1841 Henry & Sarah Peryer & family
- 1851 Henry & Sarah Peryer & family
- 1861 Henry Perryer staying with the Stedman family
- James Peryer with sister Hannah (Peryer) Stemp
- 1871 Henry Perreyer staying with Stemp family
- 1881 James & Martha (Smith) Purryer & family
- 1891 James & Martha (Smith) Perryer & family

- 1901 James & Martha (Smith) Perrier & family
Albert & Harriet Perrier& family
- 1911 Martha (Smith) Peryer, Widow & Family
Albert & Harriet Perrier & Family
- 1939 Register

Census Records Held

Other Research Undertaken
- IGI - sheets for Surrey held including entries for Ewhurst:

Extracts from IGI - Ewhurst

- Parish Records - Ewhurst, West Surrey

Parish Records - Ewhurst

- Wills
- Businesses - nil
- Correspondence - We received some very useful information from West Surrey including extracts from Parish Records
- Visits - We made a number of visits to West Surrey including Clandon Park, West Clandon where James Peryer worked. Chris' Dad Len Collier remembered going to stay with his grandmother Martha Peryer nearby at the Butt and Ben Cottages at West Clandon:
- Photographs - Clandon Park & West Clandon


Three Generations - Len Collier, Chris and our son Steve - outside the Butt and Ben Cottages, West Clandon

- Misc Information/Documents

Misc Information/Documents including the location of Moonhall, Ewhurst


The information above has been summarised in the following formats:

Where they were & what they did

The attached table summarises the name of my ancestors, where they lived and their occupations:

Peryer/Perrier Family - Where they were & what they did

Family Tree Maker Sheets

The family details of James Peryer, Henry Peryer and his son James Peryer/Perrier have been summarised in the attached Family Tree Maker sheets which I may enter in to the relationship database, Family Tree Maker:

Family Tree Maker Sheet - James Peryer

Names Index

The following surnames appear in this Report in addition to the names at the start of this Report.

Jerrad or Jerrard
Jobert or Jabert
Michael (or Mitchell)

Colin Bower
1 January 2012

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