The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

The Big One!

Family History Research Report

Hayes Family

Introduction - Bower/Collier Family Tree

When I set out to study the Bower/Collier Family Tree, my initial aim was to identify my 8 Great Grandparents (Bower) and my wife Chris’ 8 Great Grandparents (Collier).

Though I have tended to study the Family History of the 16 Great Grandparents, I have also sought to find out the additional 16 Great Great Grandparents’ family names, and any 3 x Great Grandparents along the way!

The names that I have identified to date are:

Bower/Brecht Family Tree

Great Grandparents



2 x Great Grandparents

Pitts (Bower)
Counter (Jones)
Bradbrook (Hayes)
Tunstell/Tunstill (Gardner)

Somes/Piper (Brecht)
Hutley (Walland/Worland)
Neville (Saunders)
Holbrook (Seabourn(e)/Saban)

3 x Great Grandparents

Pinnion (Pitts)
Spence (Jones)
Mason (Hayes)
Robinson (Bradbrook)
Shocke (Brecht)
Reynolds (Walland/Worland)
Hunt (Piper)
Howard (Seabourn(e)/Saban)

4 x Great Grandparents

Bates (Pitts)
Smithers (Pinion)
March (Jones)
Venice (Robinson)
Juliane (Brecht)
Adamson (Neville)
Siggins (Walland/Worland)

5 x Great Grandparents

Cook/Cock (Jones)
Wyat (Robinson)
Jahns (Brecht)
Odell (Walland/Worland)

6 x Great Grandparents

Amears (Robinson)

7 x Great Grandparents

Amore/Mills (Robinson)

Collier/Hunt Family Tree

Great Grandparents



2 x Great Grandparents

Adams (Collier)
Goodchild (Gardiner)
Mitchell (Peryer/Perrier)
Nye (Smith)
Sheldrake (Hunt)
Smith (Farrow)
Rookyard (Marjoram)
Aldous or Alhous/Ollis (Ransome(e))

3 x Great Grandparents

Mason (Collier)
Ridett (Adams)
Sly (Nye)
Snelling (Peryer/Perrier)
Spall (Hunt)
Shepherd (Farrow)
Allen (Ransome(e))
More (Aldous/Aldis or Alhous/Ollis)

4 x Great Grandparents

Trigg (Peryer/Perrier)

My research has included a One-Name Study into the name Brecht, my mother’s maiden name.

Names Index

The additional surnames in this Report have been listed in the Names Index below.

Hayes Family

Great Grandparent: Henry Thomas Hayes
- His Parents: Thomas William Hayes & Elizabeth Bradbrook
- His Grandparents: Thomas Hayes & Mary Anne Mason

Mini Family Tree (Direct Ancestors)

The Hayes family tree to date may be summarised:

? Thomas Hayes b c 1803/4
Married c 1825
(?) Mary Anne Mason b c 1800/1

Thomas William Hayes b c 1828 bp (?) 26.12.1828
Married (1) 7.5.1854
Elizabeth Bradbrook bp 17.1.1830 bp 17.1.1830
Married (2)
(?) Sarah

Henry Thomas Hayes b 11.07.1849
Married (1) 3.10.1869 (2)
(1) Charlotte Gardner b 20.12.1841 bp 9.1.1842
Married (2) (?) Emily

Charlotte Hayes b 15.08.1876
Married 06.06.1897
William Bower b ? 3.10.1867 d 2.12.1948

Frederick Bower b 12.09.1910 d 10.9.2006
Married 11.07.1936
Doris Ivy Brecht b 15.03.1912 d 29.6.2003

Colin Malcolm Bower
Married 15.10.1966
Christine Elizabeth Collier

Summary of Research To Date

My Great Grandfather Henry Thomas Hayes was a bricklayer like his father. There were a number of bricklayers living in the Islington/Clerkenwell area in the 19th Century.

A correspondent found details of the christening of a Thomas William Hayes (father Thomas Hayes) in 1828, which appears to be our Thomas William Hayes.

My grandmother Charlotte Hayes was a brushmaker when she married William Bower in 1897.

Birth Marriage & Death Certificates Held – see Appendix 1 below

- Birth: 5 (Henry Thomas Hayes & 4 of his children)
- Marriage: 4 (Thomas William Hayes, Henry Thomas Hayes, Martha Hayes & Charlotte Hayes)
- Death:

Census Records Obtained (see Appendix 2 below)

- 1841 Thomas & Mary Ann (Mason) & family
- Fenn Bradbrook & family
- 1851 Thomas & Mary Ann (Mason) & Family
- Thomas & Elizabeth (Bradbrook) Hayes & family
- 1861 Ruth Bradbrook & family
- Thomas & Elizabeth (Bradbrook) Hayes & family
- 1871 Thomas W & Elizabeth (Bradbrook) Hayes & Family
- Henry & Charlotte (Gardner) Hayes & family
- 1881 Thomas & Elizabeth (Bradbrook) Hayes & family
- Henry & Charlotte (Gardner) Hayes & family
- Robert & Martha (Hayes) Cooper & family
- 1891 (?) Thomas & Sarah Hayes
- Charlotte (Gardner) Hayes, Widow & family
- 1901 (?) Thomas & Sarah Hayes
- (?) Henry Hayes
- John Reuben Hayes
- 1911 John Reuben Hayes
- 1939 Register

Other Research Undertaken

- IGI - Sheets for Hayes (London) held
- Parish Records - bp Thomas William Hayes – see Appendix 3 below
- Wills
- Businesses - nil - Correspondence: One correspondent had researched the Hayes family name in the 1861 Census and was also able to identify christening of Thomas William Hayes
- Visits - Islington and KingsCross/Pentonville

Visit to Islington

- Photographs – My grandmother Charlotte (Hayes) Bower in her garden in Limehouse, Stepney


with my brother

- Misc Info/documents –see Appendix 4 below

Progress 2004

An internet search traced my Uncle John Reuben Hayes, previously thought to be Reuben. I also used freebmd to trace the marriage of Thomas William Hayes and Elizabeth Bradbrook.

Progress 2005

John Reuben Hayes was born in yet another address in Islington!

I duly obtained the marriage certificate of Thomas William Hayes and Elizabeth Bradbrook in 1854; bit of a surprise when their son Henry was born in 1849! Previously I had found Elizabeth's family in the 1841 and 1851 Censuses.

The new London 1891 Census solved a mystery as to who Stone Marsh Hayes (1881 Census) was. It turned out to be Thomas Hayes!

It also shows that the Hayes Family moved from Islington to Mile End; so that is how Grandma met Grandpa!

Progress 2006/7


Progress 2008

I was contacted by a descendant of Martha Hayes. the latter was a witness at Henry & Charlotte (Gardner) Hayes' wedding.

I was able to add a number of entries in the Censuses (1841, 1851, 1861, 1881, 1891, 1901) including Martha (Hayes) Cooper.

Progress 2009

I traced John Reuben Hayes in the 1911 Census.

Progress 2010

I began to draft this Research report as part of the Big One! Project.

In so doing I obtained a copy of Martha Hayes’ marriage certificate.

Progress 2011

I made a visit to the Pentonville area of London where the Hayes family lived and worked as bricklayers.

Visit to Kings Cross/Pentonville January 2011

Things we wish we knew

• Whether Thomas Hayes moved from Chiswick to St Marylebone and married again
• Whether Henry Hayes moved to Greenwich and married again
• Where Charlotte Hayes was a brushmaker (per Marriage certificate)
• What happenend to her sister Mary and brother Thomas
• Marriage of John Reuben Hayes

Also see Summary of Records Held (Completed & To Do)

Summary of Records Held - Hayes Family


Where they were & what they did

The attached table summarises the name of my ancestors, where they lived and their occupations.

Where they were & what they did - Thomas William Hayes

Where they were & what they did - Henry Thomas Hayes

Family Tree Maker Sheets

The family details of Thomas Hayes, Thomas William Hayes and Henry Thomas Hayes have been summarized in the attached Family Tree Maker sheets which I may enter into the relationship database Family Tree Maker in the future.

Family Tree Maker sheets - Thomas Hayes

Family Tree Maker sheets - Thomas William Hayes

Family Tree Maker sheets - Henry Thomas Hayes

Names Index

The following surnames appear in this Report in addition to the names in Page 1 above:


Colin Bower
1 June 2019


My ancestors have been highlighted

1. Certificates Held

Full name: Henry Thomas Hayes Born at: 7 Thornhill Street, Islington (Date: 11/7/1849)
Father: Thomas Hayes (Occupation: Bricklayer)
Mother: Elizabeth Hayes (Maiden Name: Bradbrook)

Full name: Thomas William Hayes (of: 7 Woodfield Road )
Occupation: Bricklayer (Age: 26)
Father: Thomas Hayes, Bricklayer
Married at: Trinity Church, Paddington (Date: 7/5/1854 )
Spouse: Elizabeth Bradbrook (of: John Street )
Occupation: (Age: 25) Father: Fenn Bradbrook, Silversmith

Relevant Witnesses:

Full name: Henry Thomas Hayes (of: Islington)
Occupation: Bricklayer (Age: Full)
Father: Thomas Henry Hayes, Bricklayer
Married at: Holy Trinity, Islington (Date: 3/10/1869)
Spouse: Charlotte Gardner (of: Islington )
Occupation: (Age: Full)
Father: Edward Gardner, Composite
Relevant Witnesses: Martha Hayes

Full name: Mary Ann Hayes
Born at: 5 Prospect Terrace, Pancras (Date: 4/2/1872)
Father: Henry Thomas Hayes (Occupation: Bricklayer)
Mother: Charlotte Hayes (Maiden Name: Gardner)

Full name: Robert Middleton Cooper (of: St Pancras)
Occupation: Plumber (Age: Full)
Father: Robert Middleton Cooper, Bricklayer
Married at: Parish Church, Old St Pancras (Date: 25/12/1872)
Spouse: Martha Elizabeth Hayes (of: St Pancras)
Occupation: (Age: Full) Father: Thomas William Hayes, Bricklayer
Relevant Witnesses: T.W. & M.A. Hayes

Full name: Thomas William Henry Hayes
Born at: 2 Regent Terrace, Islington (Date: 4/4/1874)
Father: Henry Thomas Hayes (Occupation: Bricklayer)
Mother: Charlotte Hayes (Maiden Name: Gardner)

Full name: Charlotte Hayes
Born at: 11 Eccleston Road, Islington (Date: 15/8/1876)
Father: Henry Hayes (Occupation: Bricklayer)
Mother: Charlotte Hayes (Maiden Name: Garner- should have been Gardner)

Full name: John Reuben Hayes
Born at: 52 St Thomas Road, Islington (Date: 27/1/1879)

Father: Henry Thomas Hayes (Occupation: Bricklayer)
Mother: Charlotte Hayes (Maiden Name: Gardner)

Full name: William Bower (of:28 Longfellow Road, Stepney)
Occupation: Wireman (Age: 26)
Father: George Bower (Deceased), Clerk
Married at: Trinity Church, Stepney (Date: 6/6/1897)
Spouse: Charlotte Hayes (of: 29 Longfellow Road, Stepney)
Occupation: Brushmaker (Age: 21)
Father: Henry Hayes (Deceased)

Relevant Witnesses:

2. Census Records Held

1841 Census

(?1) Union Square, Clerkenwell

Thomas Hayes 38 Bricklayer
Mary Ann Hayes Wife 38
Thomas Hayes Son 13

Charlotte Hayes daughter 9
William Hayes Son 7
Edward Hayes Son 2


11 Thornhill Street, Islington

Fenn Bradbrook Head 35 Silver Smith
Ruth Bradbrook Wife 35
Elizabeth Bradbrook Daughter 10
Charles Bradbrook Son 5
Ruth Bradbrook Daughter 10 months

Note: Some ages were given to nearest 5 years below

1851 Census

7 Trinity Street, Islington

Thomas Hayes 47 Bricklayer born Bath, Somerset

Mary Ann Hayes Wife 50 born Bath, Somerset


Edward Hayes Son 12 born Clerkenwell, London


16 Cumming Street North, Islington West

Thomas Hayes, Bricklayer Head 23 born Middlesex, Islington
Elizabeth Hayes Wife 21 born Sussex, Bognor
Henry Hayes Son 20 months born Middlesex, Islington

7 Thornhill Street, Islington

*James Bradbrook Head 47 Silversmith born Suffolk, Ipswich
Ruth Bradbrook Wife 47 born Sussex, Bognor (?)
Charles Bradbrook Son 15 born Middx Islington
Ruth Bradbrook Daughter 9 born Middx Islington
William Bradbrook Son 7 born Middx Islington

* Should have been Fenn Bradbrook

1861 Census

5C Thornhill Street, Islington

Thomas Hayes 33 Carpenter & Joiner born Clerkenwell
Elizabeth Hayes Wife 30 born Bognor, Sussex
(mother also staying at address - see Bradbrook below)
Henry Hayes Son 11 Scholar born Islington
Martha Hayes Daughter 9 Scholar born Islington
Mary Ann Hayes Daughter 6 Scholar born Islington
Elizabeth Hayes Daughter 4 Scholar born Islington
Charlotte Hayes Daughter 2 Scholar born Islington

5C Thornhill Street, Islington

Ruth Bradbrook widow 58 Laundress born Bognor Sussex (daughter also staying at address - see Hayes above)

William Bradbrook Son 17 Painter born Islington


22 Desborough Place, Paddington

Ruth Bradbrook Visitor 20 born Islington, Middlesex

1871 Census

1 Southampton Street, Clerkenwell

Thomas W Hayes Head Bricklayer 42 born Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Elizabeth Hayes Wife 41 born Bognor, Sussex
Martha Hayes Daughter Packer 19 born Islington, Middlesex
Charlotte Hayes Daughter 12 born Islington, Middlesex
William R Hayes Son 6 born Islington, Middlesex

18 (?) Johnson Street, Marylebone

Henry Hayes Head 25 Bricklayer Plasterer born Middlesex, Islington
Charlotte Hayes Wife 23 born Middlesex, Bloomsbury
Elizabeth Hayes Daughter 5 mths born Middlesex, St Pancras

1881 Census

10 Avenue Terrace, Dale St, Chiswick

Thomas Wm Hayes Head 53 Bricklayer born Middlesex, Clerkenwell

Elizabeth Hayes Wife 52 born Sussex, Bognor


40 St Thomas’ Road, Islington

Henry Hayes Head 32 Bricklayer born Islington
Charlotte Hayes Wife 32
Mary Hayes Daughter 9 Scholar born St Pancras
*Stonemarsh (?)Hayes Son 7 Scholar born Islington
Charlotte Hayes Daughter 5 Scholar born Islington
**Reuben Hayes Son 2 born Islington

Notes: * Should have been Thomas Hayes
** Full name was John Reuben Hayes

37 Glebe Street, Chiswick

Robert Cooper Head Plumber 28 born Kingsland, Middlesex
Martha (Hayes) Cooper Wife 29 born Islington, Middlesex
Emma Cooper Daughter 7 born St Pancras, Middlesex
Elizebeth Cooper Daughter 5 born Islington, Middlesex
Martha Cooper Daughter 3 born Clerkenwell, Middlesex
Thomas Cooper Son 1 born Hoxton, Middlesex

1891 Census

83 Bolsover Street, St Marylebone

?Thomas W Hayes 63 Bricklayer born Clerkenwell, London
Sarah Hayes Wife 57 born St Martins, London

(?) 25 Warrington Road, Kensington

Henry Hayes Head 39 Laboreer born Islington, London
Emily Hayes Wife 39 born Sevenoaks, Kent

116 Skidmore Street, Mile End

Charlotte Hayes, Widow Head 46 Bottlemaker born London, Bloomsbury
Mary A Hayes Daughter 19 Brushmaker born London, Grays Inn
Thomas Hayes Son 17 Baker born London, Islington
Charlotte Hayes Daughter 16 Confectioner born London, Finsbury Park
John R Hayes Son 12 Scholar born London, Mile End

1901 Census

83 Bolsover Street, St Marylebone

?Thomas W Hayes 67 Bricklayer born Clerkenwell, London
Sarah Hayes Wife 67 born St Martins, London

Elizabeth Cottages (Anchor Wharf), Greenwich, London

?Henry Hayes Head 51 Bricklayer born Islington, London
Emily Hayes Wife 49 born Sevenoaks, Kent

Coleworth Barracks, Portsmouth

John Reuben Hayes 22 Lance Sergeant A S Corps born Islington, Middlesex

1911 Census

19 Treswell Crescent, Hillsborough, Sheffield

John Reuben Hayes Head 32 Canteen Assistant born Islington, Middlesex
Lily Hayes Wife 24 born Bermondsey, Middlesex
John Reuben Hayes Son 4 born Woolwich

3. Parish Records

St Mark, Myddelton Square, Clerkenwell

Thomas William Hayes bp 26.12.1828
(Parents Thomas & Mary Anne (Mason) Hayes, 14 Amwell St)

4. Misc Information/Documents

Certificates Held

Full name: Thomas Hayes (of: 9 Old Nichols Street )
Occupation: Hawker (Age: 25)
Father: Thomas Hayes, Carpenter
Married at: St Philip's Church, Bethnal Green (Date: 10/8/1847)
Spouse: Mary Ann Ridgeway, Widow (of: 10 Old Nichol's Street)
Occupation: (Age: 32)
Father: John Smith, Painter & Glazier
Relevant Witnesses:

Full name: Thomas Hayes (of: 29 Coal Harbour Street )
Occupation: Hall Keeper (Age: Full)
Father: John Hayes, Carpenter
Married at: Parish Church, Bethnal Green (Date: 27/7/1847)
Spouse: Mary Ann Mills Smith (of: 29 Coal Harbour Street)
Occupation: (Age: Minor)
Father: Benjamin Jacob Smith, Picture Framer
Relevant Witnesses: Caroline Hayes

Full Name: Elizabeth Hayes of: 14a Grosvenor Street, Islington (Age: 6 years)
Occupation: Daughter of John Hayes, Furrier
Died at: 14a Grosvenor Street, Islington (Date: 25/8/1875)
Cause: Diarrhoae 20 hours
Informant: Catherine Hayes, Mother (of: 14a Grosvenor Street, Islington)

Entries in London Directories

Holden’s London and County Directory 1811

Hayes Wm, bricklayer & Plasterer, Kilburn

Pigot’s London Directory 1824 (i.e. not including Middlesex)

Hayes & Co., Bricklayer & Plasterer, 13 Henry-st., Pentonville.

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