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Photo Album

Over the years, photos have been collected from:

- my immediate family
- other families and
- visits to London

This gallery is divided into:

- Places/Churches and
- People in large groups and small groups/individuals


St Mary's, Islington 2009

This is where Heinrich (later Henry) Brecht married Mary Somes in 1808.

The back of the church was rebuilt following bomb danage in the war but remarkably the spire was damaged but able to be repaired.

St Mary's Church Noticeboard in Upper Street

St Mary's Church from Upper Street

Main part of St Mary's Church destroyed in war

Fashion Street, Spitalfields 2009

Fashion Street was where Henry Brecht was a colour manufacturer from 1796 to 1827. Later (by 1836) he had transferred his business to Bonner Street, Bethnal Green:

In 1905 one side of the street (the 12 Fashion Street side it appears) was developed into a Moorish market or Fashion Street Arcade:

Christ Church, Spitalfields 2009

This is where Henry& Mary's daughters were baptised and sadly buried there.

The magnificent 18th Century church was designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor:

At the time of our visit, it was planned that the 18th century organ at the church be refurbished:

but it does not stop concerts being organised at the church.

The original font is still in its symbolic position at the entrance to the church:

St Matthew's Church,Bethnal Green

This is where there were family christenings and marriages including the christening of Henry Brecht Junior in 1833.

St George in the East

This is where Henry Brecht married Harriet Piper in 1837:

Kings Somborne 2009

Christiana Piper Brecht married Charles Waterman at Kings Somborne, Hampshire on 29.9.1857.

Edinburgh Castle, Limehouse, Stepney

This was a former gin palace turned into a place of worship, sadly destroyed in the Blitz.

My Aunt Enid and Uncle David Burgess were married there as were my parents:

My parents' wedding at the Edinburgh Castle (My grandma Ellen Brecht is to the right of my Mum):


Large Groups

Immediate Family

Clemence Street, Limehouse, Stepney

Photos of Arthur & Ellen (Saunders) Brecht & Family celebrating the end of World War I with friends and neighbours

Photograph of Family at Shoeburyness c 1924

Photograph that my grandma Ellen Brecht (known as Brett) sent to her son, my uncle Arthur (Junior) Brett (born Brecht), in South Africa. The photo made its way back to England and finally got to me.

It shows my grandparents Arthur and Ellen Brecht (on the left) on the beach at Shoeburyness. My mother Doris Brecht (on the right) appears to be eating a large cake! Her sisters Enid Brecht and Ellen Brecht (you can just see her head) are siting at the back. Note the tea-set!

The other family is named Shepperd.

The reverse of the card has the message: "We all look Happy enough don't we. Do you remember Mrs& Mr Shepperd they live in our street (Clemence Street, Limehouse) we all spent a happy holiday at Shoeburyness."

Arthur Brecht (standing)

After the war Alice (Arthur's wife) brought my cousins Howard and Vernon (seated on right) over from South Africa to visit relatives:

Other Families

The wedding of Walter Iceton Brecht and Betty Atkinson at which there were Brecht and Saunders guests

Small Groups & Individuals

The Older Generation/George Frederick Brecht's Children:

Walter Frederick & Ruth Saunders (My Grandma's sister)

Margaret Brecht who married Jim Collier

Walter Frederick Brecht & Albert Brecht

Family of Arthur Brecht & Ellen Saunders

Mum's brothers Arthur and Stanley

Arthur with his wife Alice Isles

They emigrated to South Africa where they married in 1924.

A favourite photo of my Grandma, Ellen (Saunders) Brecht and my two Aunts, Ellen and Enid with Uncle David Burgess

Doris Ivy Brecht (My Mum!)

Meeting up with cousin Vernon Brett & his wife Margery

My Mother's Cousins

Edie Brecht (with Mum) and Ivy Brecht (daughters of Henry& Elizabeth Brecht)

William (Bill) Brecht with his brother (sons of Brecht)

Bill Brecht with his wife Violet Henson

Meeting up with Cousin Keith Brecht from Brisbane

Colin Bower
15 February 2021

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