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Walland Family

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Place/Address (Age - Person)

Thomas Whirland (Labourer & Tax Collector) Burial 1714
Meldreth, Cambridgeshire

Benjamin Walland 13.04.1712 Birth or bp

Benjamin Walland 12.2.1736 Marriage to Elizabeth Odell
Layston, Hertfordshire (Age: 24 - Benjamin Walland)

Edward Walland 06.07.1755 Birth

Edward Walland 16.04.1781 Marriage to Alice Siggins
St Mary’s, Bromley, Bow (Age: 25 - Edward Walland)

Edward Walland 16.10.1782 Birth
Bromley, Bow

Edward Walland 21.06.1813 Marriage to Mary Reynolds
St John’s, Hackney (Age: 30 - Edward Walland)

Edward Walland (Cowkeeper) 14.8.1837
Marriage of son Edward William Walland (Age: 55 - Edward Walland)

Edward Walland 15.05.1854 Death
Sun Tavern Gap, Shadwell (Age: 71 - Edward Walland)

Edward William Walland C 1814 Birth

Edward William Walland 14.08.1837 Marriage to Susan Hutley
Cowkeeper Parish Church, Poplar (Age: C 17 - Edward William Walland)

Edward William Walland (Navigator) 17.11.1838
Birth of daughter Mary Ann Walland (Age: 24 - Edward Willaim Walland)

Edward Walland (Dairyman age 36) 1851 Census
3 Sun Terrace Gap, Shadwell

Edward William Walland (Greengrocer age 47) 1861 Census
155 High St, Shadwell

Edward Walland (Greengrocer age 59) 1871 Census
155 High St, Shadwell

Edward Walland (greengrocer age 70) per 1881 Census
155 High Street, Shadwell

Edward William Walland 14.1.1885 Death
London Hospital, Mile End (Age: 71 - Edward William Walland)

Mary Ann Walland 17.11.1838 Birth
Waterworks Row, Stratford

Mary Ann Walland 12.12.1856 Marriage to George Fredreick Brecht
Christ Church, St George in the East (Age: 18 - Mary Ann Walland)


Colin Bower
31 January 2009


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