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Marjoram Family

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Progress To Date

Great Grandparent: Jeremiah Marjoram
- His Parents: John Marjoram and Mary Rookyard
- His Grandparents:

Mini Family Tree (Direct Ancestors)

The family tree to date may be summarised:

Marjoram Family

John Marjoram b 1777/8 d 3.1.1858
Married c 1810
Mary Rookyard b 1782/3 d 5.10.1878

Jeremiah Marjoram b 1825/6
Married 16.05.1864
Elizabeth Ransom b c 1836

Eliza Marjoram b 11.04.1870
Married 25.12.1889
Arthur Hunt b 1.07.1866

Phyllis Marjoram Hunt b 6.06.1912 Died 1991
Married 6.06.1936
Leonard Stanley Collier b 30.11.1909 d 9.5.1988

Christine Elizabeth Collier b 26.03.1946
married 15.10.1966
Colin Bower b 12.01.1944

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Jeremiah Marjoram & Descendants

Summary of Research To Date

As with the Hunt and Farrow families, we have enjoyed our visits to the Debenham area and benefitted from the parish records held there.

At one time we thought that my wife Chris was a descendant of a Jeremiah Marjoram (father Jeremiah Marjoram) of Dennington near Debenham, following correspondence with a definite descendant.

Surprisingly, there was another Jeremiah , i.e. "our" Jeremiah (father John Marjoram) and no link to Dennington has yet been made.

Birth Marriage & Death Certificates Held
- Births: 1+3 Unwanted
- Marriages: 2+1 Unwanted
- Deaths:

certificates Held-Marjoram Family

Census Records Held
- 1841 John & Mary (Rookyard) Marjoram & family
- Jeremiah Marjerum (Marjoram)
- 1851 Jeremiah Marjoram
- 1861
- 1871 Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Ransome) Marjoram
- 1881
- 1891 Jeremiah & Elizabeth (Ransom) Marjoram
- 1901 Jeremiah Marjoram staying with daughter Eliza (Marjoram) Hunt
Susan Marjoram

Census Records Held

Other Research Undertaken
- IGI - sheets for Suffolk held
- Parish Records - Debenham
- Wills
- Businesses
- Correspondence - interesting exchange of information from a descendant of Jeremiah Marjoram of Dennington
- Visits - Debenham and Dennington
- Photographs
- Misc Info/Documents

Progress 2004

The research into the Marjoram family name is dormant and exchanges of correspondence have dried up. Things should develop again when I type up my records and identify the next areas of potential research. Unexpectedly by 1901 Jeremiah Marjoram had moved to the Enfield area and was living with his daughter Eliza Hunt. His daughter Susan Marjoram appears to have been living next door at the time of the Census.

Progress 2005

Following an initiative by the Society of Brushmakers' Descendants (, I was contacted about brushmakers named Marjoram and on searching my records found that I had had a similar request from the correspondent's cousin!

Progress 2006/7


Progress 2008

Entries in 1841 and 1871 Censuses have been added

Progress 2009/19


Progress 2020

We know the names of Chris' 2 x Great Grandparents and where and when they died:
- John Marjoram Died 3.1.1858 9 (Age 80) in Debenham
- Mary Rookyard Died 5.10.1878 (Age 95) in Debenham

From the Censuses, we know that the family lived in Debenham 1841-1871.

Unfortunately, the 1851 Census states that John and Mary were born in Debenham, whereas the 1861 and 1871 Censuses show that Mary was born in Westleton, Suffolk.

It is less easy to devlop the tree because of the name variants and so far I have noit traced the bp of either John or Mary.

Even their marriage has proced elusive with 2 genealogists claiming different dates:

St Michael, Occold, Suffolk

John Marjoram
married 9.12.1808
Mary Rockwood

(?) St Andrew, Bredfield, Suffolk

John Marjoram
married 19.4.1806
Mary Rockyard

I cannot find either marriage on Ancestry but appreciate that there are other sources I could use but for the moment their bps and marriage remain a mystery.

I did update the list of Census entries and added place of birth to Mary's record:

Mary Rookyard

Things we wish we knew

Colin Bower
21 December 2020

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