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Walland Family

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates Held


1. The asterisk * denotes one of our direct ancestors
2. The symbol # denotes unrelated certificate, it appears!

Full name: William Edward Walland* (of: Poplar)
Occupation: Cowkeeper (Age: Full )
Father: Edward Walland*, Cowkeeper
Married at: Parish Church, Poplar (Date: 14/8/1837)
Spouse: Susan Hutley* (of: Poplar)
Occupation: (Age: Full)
Father: Thomas Hutley*
Relevant Witnesses:

Full name: Mary Ann Walland*
Born at: Waterworks Row, Stratford (Date: 17/11/1838)
Father: William Edward Walland* (Occupation: Navigator)
Mother: Susan Walland* (Maiden Name: Hutley)

#Full name: Edward Smerdon (?) (of: Topsham)
Occupation: Servant (Age: Full)
Father: Richard Smerdon (?)
Married at: St Thomas, Topsham (Date: 4/12/1838)
Spouse: Mary Walland (of: Topsham)
Occupation: Servant (Age: Full)
Father: Edward Walland, Chandler
Relevant Witnesses: Eliza Walland

Full name: George Frederick Brecht* (of: Shadwell)
Occupation: Milkman (Age: 21)
Father: Henry Brecht*, Chemical Colour Maker
Married at: Christ Church, St George in the East (Date: 12/12/1856 )
Spouse: Mary Ann Walland* (of: Shadwell)
Occupation: (Age: 18)
Father: Edward Walland*, Milkman
Relevant Witnesses: Susan Walland

Colin Bower
31 January 2009

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