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Saunders family

Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates Held


1. The asterisk * denotes one of our direct ancestors
2. The symbol # denotes unrelated certificate, it appears!

Full name: Francis Ferdinand Saunders
Born at: 24 West Street, Moscow, Landport (Date: 16/5/1841)
Father: Henry Saunders* (Occupation: Gentleman)
Mother: Ann Saunders* (Maiden Name: Neville)

Full name: Charles Herbert Saunders*
Born at: 24 West Street, Moscow, Landport, Southsea (Date:17.4.1844 )
Father: Henry Saunders* (Occupation: Late Mate R. N.)
Mother: Ann Saunders* (Maiden Name: Neville )

Full Name: Henry Saunders* of: Turnchapel, Plymstock (Age: 56)
Occupation: Chief Officer, Coast Guard Service
Died at: Turnchapel, Plymstock (Date: 6/4/1867 )
Cause: General Atrophy+Tubercular disease of Bronchial Tubes
Informant: Jane Milling (of: )

Full Name: Francis Ferdinand Saunders of: Turnchapel, Plymstock (Age: 28)
Occupation: Ship Proprietor
Died at: Turnchapel, Plymstock (Date: 21/2/1869 )
Cause: (?) Phthisis Many Years
Informant: Elizabeth Ann Efford (of: )

Full name: Charles Herbert Saunders*(of: Plaistow )
Occupation: Mariner (Age: Full)
Father: Henry Saunders*, Lieutenant in Coast Guard Service
Married at: St Marys Church, Plaistow (Date: 26/9/1876 )
Spouse: Emma Mary Seabourn* (of: Plaistow )
Occupation: (Age: Full)
Father: James Seabourn*, Market Gardener
Relevant Witnesses: James Seabourn

Full name: Ellen Elizabeth Curran Saunders*
Born at: 3 Charles Street, Plaistow (Date: 6/11/1877)
Father: Charles Herbert Saunders* (Occupation: Stoker)
Mother: Emma Mary Saunders* (Maiden Name: Seabourn)

Full name: Ruth Emily Saunders
Born at: 41 Anne Street, Plasstow (Date: 17/8/1883)
Father: Charles Herbert Saunders* (Occupation: Engine Driver)
Mother: Emma Mary Saunders* (Maiden Name: Seabourn)

Full name: Arthur Brecht* (of: 273 Barking Road )
Occupation: Carpenter (Age: 23)
Father: George Brecht*, Furniture Dealer
Married at: St Andrews Church, Plaistow (Date: 25/12/1899 )
Spouse: Ellen Elizabeth Saunders* (of: 27 Third Avenue)
Occupation: (Age: 23)
Father: Richard Saunders - the bride's brother
Relevant Witnesses: Edith May Saunders, Albert Brecht

Full name: Walter Frederick Brecht (of: 273 Barking Road)
Occupation: Carpenter (Age: 22)
Father: George Brecht*, Furniture Dealer
Married at: Parish Church, Plaistow (Date: 2/9/1901)
Spouse: Ruth Emily Saunders (of: 98 First Avenue)
Occupation: (Age: 19)
Father: Charles Herbert Saunders*, Engine Driver
Relevant Witnesses: W T Brett (William Thomas Brecht), A Saunders

Colin Bower
23 January 2014

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