The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Family Photos including Bocking, Cocker, Cordell and Peryer/Perrier

Family Photos

We have some lovely photos from the family:

Wedding of Albert Collier with his brother (Chris' Dad) at front (left)

Wedding of Chris' parents (picture hangs in our hall)

Chris' parents on thier Golden Weddding Anniversary

Chris' parents as we remember them

Visit to the East End of London June 2001

In 2001, Chris and I had an enjoyable day in the East End of London with Chris'cousin Maureen Baxter, who is a decendant of Emma (Collier) Cordell, sister of Charles Colier, the Ropmaker (Chris' ancestor).

We walked to Christ Church, Spitalfields where Thomas Collier married Mary Kemp (Huguenot descent) in 1802/3.

We then walked down Brick Lane to Shoreditch but could not find Providence Chapel in Austin Road where Emma Collier married William James Cordell. We did obtain a sketch made by Pastor W Cuff, from the Bancroft Library at Bancroft Road, London E1:

We walked past St Leonard's Church, Shoreditch:

Nearby we had an interesting cafe lunch before we caught a bus to see St Matthew's Church in Bethnal Green where there were family christenings and marriages in the past:

We walked up Roman Road (at one time Green Street) but the turning Harrold Street, where Charles Collier Silk Weaver & family lived, was no longer there.

We did have a short rest in Victoria Park before making our way to the Parish Church of South Hackney (St John of Jerusalem, Lauriston Road) nearby, where Charles Collier (Ropemaker), son of Charles Collier, Silk Weaver, married Matilda Gardiner in 1853.

A very tiring day but really enjoyable to walk the streets where Chris' ancestors lived and see some of the places they saw.

Visit to Canada June 2006

Chris and I enjoyed a wonderful holidy on a Rockies and Vancouver tour followed by 3 nights in Saskatoon to meet up with some of Chris' second cousins (descended from Charles Collier, Silk Weaver and his son Charles Collier, the Ropemaker).

Apart from Vancouver (2 nights) and Saskatoon, we spent 2/3 nights in:



Among the highlights of the tour were:

In Banff, we met up with Paul& Johanna Collier (Paul being Ted Collier's son, who lives in Calgary). Paul gave me a much-appreciated enlargement of Ted Collier's extraordinary handwritten Family Tree (Paul and Johanna are on Page 22 of the Tree!)

In Saskatoon, it was good to meet up again with Doug & Merle Bocking who we had got to know on their visits to England:

Chris with Doug, and his sister Esther and brothers Les and Ted at Esther's apartment.

Chris took digital photo's of some of Doug's invaluable collection of family photo's including:

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