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Madeleine Newland - Cassette Tape Recordings Queen

Visit to see Maddy 27 October 2021

Over the years, I have bumped into Maddy in New Milton on a number of occasions.

I made an enjoyable visit to see Maddy and take some photos for the website.

She showed me two awards that she had received, the Citizen of the Year 2008 and her 10-year service certificate from community car service Neighbourcare.

Maddy was kind enough to get her Collection out again for me.

Firstly there is the little notebook, where she allocated a number to the scripts.

The first recording was entitled Joey - Maddy's sister who became a missionary in Kenya.

Lymington Hospital Radio.

This is a photo of 2 bundles of scripts Maddy used to make her weekly broadcasts:

The script for Joey dated 27 January 1986 is shown on top of the bundles of scripts:

Monday Morning Tape Service

The photo shows 4 bundles of scripts, where the signature tune changed from the Nutcracker to the Entertainer

The above photo of Maddy includes the microphone she used to record the tapes at home. She told me that the tower she used wore out!

Maddy holds a photo of her sister taken in Africa.

Maddy's Collection includes 6 boxes of tapes.

The Winston Churchill tape was out of its box.

The Collection also has a ring binder with the tapes that were selected for each care home:

The binder is open to the page for Solent Mead care home in Lymington. This was not part of the Monday Service as such, as Maddy went to the care home to play her tapes to the residents.

It was wonderful to hear Maddy's story again and see her Collection again. It was interesting to learn the significance of the recording called Joey, Maddy's sister.

Joey was the first entry in the notebook and broadcast on the Radio Link to Lymington Hospital. So it was particularly pleasing to find the script written in 1986 and see a picture of Joey!

Colin Bower
17 November 2021

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