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The Shrubb Family of Boldre

Wedding Gifts to Marcia Shrubb

“The presents were numerous and costly and were as follows:-

Bridegroom to bride, diamond tiara.
Bride to Bridegroom, American buggy, pearl stud, case pearl pins, silver mounted letter case, gold mounted cigarette case in silver holder, carriage clock, walking stick.
*Mrs. John Lane Shrubb to bridgeroom, silver plate chest, black pearl pin.
To bride, diamond pendant, diamond watch bracelet, diamond and turquoise ring.
Mr and Mrs William Curtis Ward, cheques, silver bowl. (Bridegroom’s parents)
*Mr and Mrs Peyto Shrubb, cheque. (Bride’s paternal uncle and aunt)
Mr and Mrs Beverley Shrubb, cheque. (Bride’s brother and his wife)
Captain and Mrs R. Lane Bayliff, silver and mother-of-pearl fish knives. (Bride’s sister & her husband)
Mrs Hay Morant, silver teapot and cream jug. (Bride’s maternal aunt)
Mr and Mrs Walter Wykesmith, silver candle-sticks.(Bride’ maternal aunt + husband)
Mr Reginald Morant, silver sugar basin. (Bride’s cousin)
Mr Rowland Morant, silver menu stands. ( “ “ )
Miss Gwendolyn Wykesmith, silver mounted purse.( “ “ )
*Miss Aubrey Shrubb, antique silver sugar tongs. ( “ “ )
*The Misses A. and P. Shrubb, antique silver sugar basin. (cousins)
Mr and Mrs Mortimer Drummond and Mr and Mrs Oliver, silver candlesticks. (Bridegroom's sisters and their husbands)
Captain and Mrs Garnows-Williams, silver butter dishes and knives. ( Bridegroom’s sister and husband)
Miss Florence Ward, silver flower vases. (Bridegroom’s 18 year old sister)
Miss Eileen Ward, silver vase. (Bridegroom’s 8 year old sister)
Mr and Mrs Morant, silver candlesticks.
Sir Arthur and Lady Grant, silver cream jug and sugar basin.
*Mr and Mrs Codrington Elers, silver fish knife and fork.
Mrs Henry Talbot, clock for writing table.
Admiral and Mrs Aitchinson, silver mounted card case.
Miss Drummond, gold links.
Cmte and Comtesse J.P. de Limburg Stirum, antique silver spoons.
*Mrs Whitaker, teapot.
Mrs Ward Jackson, silver tea caddy.
*Mrs Lindesay Sheddon, silver tea caddy.
Miss Talbot, crystal match stand.
Mrs Glascott, silver hot water jug. ( Bride’s paternal aunt)
Miss Creagh-Osborne, cut glass jam dish and spoon.
Mrs Creagh-Osbourne, cut glass cream jug.
Mrs Bunbury, silver topped butter dish and spoon.
*Mr and Mrs Philip Walker, antique Venetian spoons.
*Mrs Ennis D. Chambers, silver mounted magnifying glass.
*Captain Ellis, gold button hook set with pearls.
*Mrs David Fullerton, silver manicure case and toilet service. (of Pennington Chase)
Mrs Wilson, case of scissors.
. *Mr and Mrs Sweet, embossed silver spoon.
Colonel and Mrs Patton, pair of Indian vases.
Mrs Frank Barnard, silver sweet dish.
Mr and Mrs Neston Diggle, large silver tray.
*Mr Ingham Whitaker, silver photograph frame.
General and Mrs Truell, silver mounted umbrella.<.br> *Major and Mrs Tillyer Blunt, silver muffineers.
Mr and Mrs P.M. le Poer Trench, set of silver sweet dishes. (Mrs. is a cousin of the bride)
Mrs Walter Moens, silver pen tray.
Mrs Walter Stewart, silver muffineers.
*Mr and Mrs Ringrose Voase, silver sweet dishes.
*Admiral and Mrs Earle, silver scent bottle.
Lady Sophia and Mr Montgomerie, silver telegraph case.
*Mr F. H. Crozier, silver butter dish.
Miss Dicken, silver eggstand and spoons.
Mr and Mrs Barton Shaw, silver mounted pin cushion.
Mr and Miss A. Weldon, silver sugar basin.
Colonel Smythe, silver sweet dishes.
*Mrs Francis St. Barbe, embroidered tea cloth.
*Mrs Austin, blotter.
*Mrs and Miss Helen Fullerton, silver Apostle tea spoons, silver sugar sifter and tongs.
Mrs Heseltine, leather writing case.
Mr and Mrs Burchill, handkerchief box.
Mr and Mrs Carew Gibson, silver toast rack. (Mr. a cousin of the bride.)
Colonel Downman, silver mounted scent bottle.
*Mrs. Charles Fenton, brass mounted inkstand.
*Mr and Mrs William Elers, silver cream jug. (Cousins of the bride on her father’s side)
The Misses Murray, silver butter knife.
Mrs W. A. Gillet, silver cream jug.
*Mr and Mrs Davis Rawlins, silver and ivory paper knife.
Mrs Campbell, silver calendar.
*Rev. C.J. and Mrs Ouvry, silver photograph frame.
Colonel and Mrs Edwards, lace embroidered d’oyleys.
*Miss Emily Rooke, silver buckle.
Miss and Miss Florence Douglas, silver and cut glass decanter.
Miss Alice Davis, silver wine coolers and turquoise pin.
*Colonel and Mrs Macleay, silver mounted traveling satchel.
Mrs Morgan, silver cream jug. (? nee Emily Elers, great aunt of bride)
*Mr and Mrs Joseph Weld, silver sugar bowl.
Mr Gillespie, silk and lace d’oyleys.
The Misses Morgan, silver muffineers.
Mr and Mrs Trevor Williams, large silver mounted ivory paper knife.
Mrs Haldane, silver clock.
*Mrs Chinery, silver box.
Major Henry Talbot, silver magnifying glass.
*Mr and Mrs Massy, silver salt cellars.
Mrs Felix Bedingfeld, gold and pearl bracelet.
Employees of Boldre Grange, set of silver Apostle spoons and sugar tongs.
Mr and Miss B Pulteney, embossed leather telegram case. (of St Austin’s, Battramsley)
*Mr and Mrs Edward Chinery, crocodile leather writing case.
Mr Marett, purse and cheque.
*Miss E. Gordon, silver almanack.
Miss Murcott, gold charm.
*Mr and Mrs Marlow Wilkinson, silver buckle.
Mr and Mrs Henry Mewmarch, antique silver buttons.
Capt. and Mrs De Sausmarez, silver inkstand.
Mrs Villiers Dent, gold and turquoise brooch.
Mrs and Mrs Douglas Murray, and Miss Mabel Murray, cut glass scent bottle.
Dr. and Mrs Bennie, antique silver dishes.
Captain Willoughby Wallace, silver mounted cut glass vases.
Mrs Munton Neale, silver mounted flower vases.
*Mr Bernard and Mrs Maturin, silver mounted cut glass bottle.
Mrs Fluder and Colonel Stirke, photograph stand. (probably bride's step grandmother.)
The Misses and Mr D. Stirke, brass inkstand.
Mr and Mrs Brann, silver clock.
*The Misses and Captain Liddell, R.E. and Mr A and Mr R Liddell, silver candlesticks.
Rev. and Mrs Bowdon-Smith, silver almanack.
Captain and Mrs Collins, old Delft bowl.
Mr and Mrs Whitley, marqueterie tray.
*Mrs and Mrs Mair, silver cream jug and muffineer.
*Mr and Mrs Wilfred Weld, cut glass silver mounted bottle.
Mr and Mrs Rawnsley, silver paper knife and bonbonniere.
Miss Bennett, Tazza Josia wedgewood.
Rev. P. O’Connell, silver inkstand and vase.
Miss Meas, silver buttonhook.
Miss Aimee Maes, silver patch box.
*Colonel and Mrs Burton, large silver photograph frame.
*Mr and Miss McGildonnay, leather writing desk.
Colonel and Mrs Maloney, mother-of-pearl and gold box.
Dr. and Mrs Ball, silver tea caddy.
Misses Matthey, silver lamp.
Mr Hamilton Dent, turquoise brooch.
Major and Mrs Campbell, silver entree dishes.
Mr and Mrs Lucas, silver mounted cut glass vases. ( of Whitely Ridge Lodge, Brockenhurst)
*Mr and Mrs David Jones, silver photograph frame.
Mr and Mrs Duplessis, silver mounted blotter. (of Newton House, nr. Lymington)
Mr Gaston Duplessis, silver mounted hunting crop.
Miss Duplessis, leather penwiper.
Mr and Mrs Lyon, silver and crystal mirror.
*Miss Vera Mair, Russian leather blotter.
Mr and Mrs Yearsley, silver inkstand.
Mrs Arnold, antique lace pincushion.
*Mrs St. Barbe, silver candlesticks.
Mr and Mrs Jupp, photograph frame.
Mrs and Mrs Robert Pearce, brocade blotter.
*Mr and Mrs Hagen, diamond and enamel Fleur-de-lys buttons.
Mrs Murray, silver salt cellar.
Hr Hardess Stevenson, silver tray.
Captain and Mrs de Sales La Terriere, silver shoe horn and button hook.
Mr and Mrs Festus Kelly, silver cream jug and sugar bowl.
*Miss Rhoda Walker, embroidered note book.
Mr and Mrs Lushington, silver muffineers.
Misses and Master Lyon, round silver photograph frame.
Mrs Cull, Wedgewood jug.
Mr and Mrs Turner-Turner, vase.
Miss Ansell, silver sweet dish.
*Captain and Mrs Knapton, antique silver spoons.
Miss Walthington, gilt photograph frame.
Mr L.D. Galpin, picture.
*Hon. Huntley Gordon, Silver flask.
Mr Arthur Pelly, silver diary.
Mr Gillespie, silver cigarette case.
Hon. W. Boyle, silver flask. Messrs John Heathcote and Corkie Diggle, silver afternoon tea knives.
Mr Broune, H.L.I. , silver mounted decanters.
Sir Edward Richardson, silver cigarette case.
Mr and Mrs Kempson, silver and ivory paper knife.
Mrs. Dudgeiuon, travelling clock.
The Misses Bulkeley, silver inkstand.
Mrs E. Drummond, writing case ecrase.
Mr H. Gardiner, silver fish slice.
Mrs Noble, set of silver hair brushes, clothes brushes , tortoiseshell and silver comb.
Mr Bulkeley, travelling clock.
Miss Apthorp, silver toast racks.
Mr and Mrs R.E. Jackson, silver rose bowl.
Lieut. Kenneth Crawley, RN., cheque.
Mr and Misses Wood, silver tea spoons.
Mr and Mrs Robert Ward set of fish knives and forks. (Uncle of bridegroom)
Mrs Heatley Noble, cigarette lighter.
Mr D. Broadwood, pair of silver salt cellars.
Mr Reynell Land and Mr S.Oliver, silver mounted decanters.
Mr and Mrs Evan Thomas, case of silver mounted pipes.
Mr and Mrs Moens, travelling clock. (Moens lived at Boldre, Mr. Moens wrote travel books)
*Mr and Mrs Francis Cotton, antique Viennese Jug.
*Mr and Mrs Tinker, two framed etchings.
Mr and Mrs Shelly, silver cruet stand.
*Mr and Mrs Blathwayt, silver mounted morocco blotter. (of Dyrham Park family)
Mrs Sprackling, patchwork sofa cushion.
Miss Emmie Buchanan, antique silver punch ladle. (Sister of the bride’s sister in law)
*Colonel and Mrs Cornwallis West, antique silver bowl. (of Newlands, nr. Lymington)
*Hon. Mrs Robinson, Florentine photograph frame.
H.S.H. Princess Pless, silver card case. (nee “Daisy” Cornwallis West)
*Mr and Mrs Henry Daniell, traveling satchell.
Miss Pope, silver tray.
Mrs and Miss S. Prichard, silver bread basket.
*Captain and Mrs Warren Peacock, silver sugar bowl and sifter.
*Mrs Trevor Goff, large silver photograph frame.
Miss Ella Child, silver flower vase.
Mr E. Wingrove, silver Apostle spoons.
Mr J. Hector, silver inkstand.
*Mr R. Daniell, silver note book.
*Miss Burton, silver mounted gum bottle.
*Miss Price, silver scent bottle.
*Mr W.H. Gordon, antique silver punch ladle.
*Mr and Mrs Henry St. Barbe, old Sheffield candlestick. (Mrs. was cousin of Bride)
Major Douglas, (Scottish Rifles) long silver extinguisher.
Colonel and Mrs Churchill, silver scent bottle.
Lady St. John, embroidered tray cloth.
Mr Micklem, pearl and turquoise curb bracelet.
Mr and Mrs F. Collier and Misses Peel, old Sheridan tray.
Mr and Mrs Harold Peake, tea knapsack.
Mr and the Hon. Mrs Wentworth Bowyer, silver muffineer.
*Miss E.H. Liddell, silver patch box.
*Rev. E.H.Elers, old silver tea spoons and tongs. (Uncle of bride)
*Mrs and Misses Rooke, tea basket.
Captain and Mrs Hughes Onslow, lunch basket.
Miss Sewell, silver pen.
Mr and Mrs Matthey, gold and mother –of-pearl opera glasses.
Mr and Mrs Bailey, glass epergne.
Mr W.A.Somerset, diamond pin, silver mounted champagne jug.
*Mr and Mrs King, bronze and enamel inkstand.
Mr and Mrs Myall, silver cruet.
Mr and Mrs Roper, Moorish embroidery.
Mr Stone, silver salt cellars.
*Mrs Robinson, silver weight and almanac.
Mrs Samuel Bright, silver mounted coin tray.
Mrs Mainertzhagen, silver sugar muffineer.
Mrs Fitzgerald, Moorish vase.
*Dr. and Mrs Rankin Dawson, writing desk.
Mr and Mrs Northing Snowdon, silver clock.
Colonel and Mrs George Rawstorne, antique Lowestoft box.
Mr and Mrs Compton, silver sealing candlestick.
Miss Heseltine, turquoise charm.
General Burrows, picture.
Miss Rideout, silver mounted bottle.
*Mr and Mrs Lake Walker, diamond bracelet.
*Miss Lake Walker, pearl turquoise pin.
Mr and Mrs Galletley, silver bowl.
*Mrs and Miss Brett, silver scent bottle.
Mrs Rait, silver frame. Mr R.L.Davis and Mr R. Hughes, copper breakfast heater.
Captain and Mrs Chaplin, cigarette lighter.
Mrs and the Misses Brocklesby Davis, silver spoons.
Mr and Mrs Morton Peto, old china plates.
Major and Mrs Burn, tea basket.
Mr and Mrs Pember, silver fruit dish.
Mr Percy Noble, walking stick.
Mrs Stockwell, antique silver box.
Sut-Lieut. G. Ward, R.N., Maltese spoons. (Bridegroom’s brother)
Captain Wood R.N., silver muffineers.
Miss C. Duppa, lace handkerchief.
Misses Humphreys, tiger claw brooch.
Mr and Mrs W.A. Ward, cheque.
Mr H.A.Mytton, carriage whip.
Mr and Miss Fulton, silver kettle.
and a great number from British Columbia which have not yet arrived."

* The asterick denotes surnames that appear in the calling Book. In theory any lady without an asterisk could be the Victorian lady who kept the Calling Book.

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

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