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The Shrubb Family of Boldre

The Wedding of Marcia Shrubb

"On Thursday the 2nd February 1899 at Boldre Church, Lymington, Hampshire, the marriage took place of Mr. Cecil Walford Ward, Barrister –at – law, of Kamloops, British Columbia, second son of Mr. Wm. Curtis Ward, of 73, Elm Park Gardens, London SW and Ida Marcia Augusta, youngest daughter of the late John Lane Shrubb, Verderer of the New Forest, and Mrs. Lane Shrubb, of Boldre Grange, Lymington, Hants.

Unusual interest was felt in this happy event owing to the bride and her family being well known in the neighbourhood.

The day dawned most auspiciously, a hoar frost having hardened the ground, and brilliant sunshine emphasising the time honoured adage, “happy is the bride the sun shines on.”

The wedding took place at two o’clock, but some time previously an enthusiastic crowd had been gathering along the route and around the church, all anxious to catch a glimpse of the bride, who has endeared herself in many ways to her neighbours, particularly by her vocal aid so kindly given on many occasions. There were two triumphal arches erected at Boldre Grange, one close by the house supporting a string of gaily coloured flags, and the other at the north lodge, bearing the inscription “Long Life and Happiness”. The village of Boldre was also en fete, prettily decorated with green wreathes. The bridegroom, who was staying with Capt. Diggle R.N., at Efford Park, was supported by Mr. W. A. Somerset as best man.

The church was most beautifully decorated with white flowers and tall palms, and was crowded long before the time appointed for the ceremony.

The bridesmaids were Miss Gwendolyn Wykesmith, Miss Daphne Liddell, and Miss Barbara St. Barbe, cousins of the bride; Miss Florence and Miss Eileen Ward, sisters of the bridegroom; and Miss Sybil Lyon. They wore dresses of white mousline de soie with Valencienne insertion, satin sash ribbons of turquoise blue, white and silver toques, trimmed with ostrich feathers and pink roses, and gold curb bracelets with lucky bean pendants set in turquoises, the gift of the bridegroom, and carried bouquets of pink tulips, lilies of the valley and smilax, also the gift of the bridegroom.

The Bride’s dress was of white duchesse satin, elaborately jewelled with pearls and diamonds, embroidered Parisienne, trimmed with antique Flanders point, the court train of handsome brocade being similarly trim¬med. Her ornaments were a diamond tiara, the gift of the bridegroom; diamond bracelet and pendant, the gift of her mother; diamond and turquoise heart pendant on gold and pearl chain, presented by the parishioners of Boldre; and diamond bracelet from Mr. and Mrs. Lake Walker; and carried a beautiful boquet of white cut flowers, the gift of the bridegroom.

On arrival at the church, the bride proceeded slowly up the aisle, accompanied by her mother (who gave her away) followed, by her bridesmaids, Miss Babara St Barbe and Miss Eileen Ward, bearing her train. The officiating clergy were the Rev. Edward Elers, MA., Vicar, uncle of the bride, and the Rev B Maturin, MA., Rural Dean and Vicar of Lymington, and, meeting the bride, they formed a Procession up the aisle, preceded by the choir singing the bridal Hymn, “The voice that breathed o’er Eden”.

The organist having previously rendered the wedding march from Lohengrin with much expression, the wedding service was conducted in a most impressive manner, the second part of the service being delivered by the Rev. B. Maturin, MA at the altar steps. Mendelssohn’s beautiful wedding march then pealed forth as Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Ward left the church.

After the ceremony a large reception was held by Mrs. Lane Shrubb at Boldre Grange; upon the arrival of the guests, wedding favours of white heather and orange blossom, tied with white satin ribbon, were distributed by Miss Liddell, Miss Davis, Miss Lake Walker, and Miss Emmie Buchanan.

After the wedding breakfast Mr and Mrs Cecil Ward left for London, the bride wearing a dress of blue crepe de chine with cream silk vest, trimmed with ribbon applique and old lace, sable and rouched chiffon toque with pink camelias."

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

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