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Annie Fluder

A descendant of Marcia Shrubb submitted an extract from the Birthday Book kept by Marcia Shrubb in which Annie Fluder had signed her name against her (Annie's) birthday:

At that time Annie Fluder appeared to be a good candidate to be the Lady who kept the Calling Book for the following reasons:

- (though not conclusive proof) the writing in the Birthday Book of Marcia Shrubb was similar to that in the Calling Book

i.e. the capital letters in the Calling Book were similar to the Birthday Book and the way she had crafted the double "n" for Annie was similar.

- she lived in Lymington 1883-1893:

per Censuses:


Ann Fluder, Widow (age 42) 65 High Street, Lymington
born Ireland 1839
living with maiden daughter Isabel who later married Romaine Stirke)


Anna Fluder, Widow (age 54) 65 High Street, Lymington
born Ireland
(living with son in law Romaine Stirke, Widower & his family)

- she had links to Ireland

- she was of the right age and right connections (widow of Doctor)

A "Mrs Fluder" gave a wedding present to Marcia Shrubb.

It was later proved that there was no evidnece that Annie Fluder was the Lady.

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

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