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Donation of the Calling Book to the St Barbe Museum in Lymington
Tuesday 21 February 2006

The 21st February 2006 was a great day for me, as I donated the book to the St Barbe Museum in Lymington with a copy of my interim report.

My mother had bought the book on Lymington Market about 25 years before and it had been my intention that the Museum should have the book as there are a number of references to Calls to and from members of the St Barbe Family.

In fact the very first entry is a meeting between the Victorian Lady and Mrs S St Barbe in Lymington, with the Call made on Mrs St Barbe on 21 March 1883. (Mrs St Barbe returned the Call on 29 March 1883.)

It's official! The Calling Book is donated with Steve Marshall the Curator of the Museum completing the necesary paperwork.

The little Calling Book had been a lot of work! And at that time the search went on for the Victorian Lady who kept it.

The colourful displays of life in the Lymington area, in the Museum, provided a suitable backcloth for the presentation of the Calling Book and Interim Report to the Museum.

Afterwards Chris and I walked back up Lymington High Street on a cold and wintry day, and the deed was done (by 3 pm judging by the clock in St Thomas' Church).

The Calling Book and Interim Report may be examined at the Museum by appointment, by telephoning the Museum on 01590 676969.

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

Find the Lady! Final Report

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