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At long last, I got round to reading a book: "Trafalgar: the Men, The Battle, The Storm" by Tim Clayton & Phil Craig, that I bought during the Trafalgar celebrations in 2005.

There were references to 3 Naval officers who lived in the Lymington area:

Sartorius, Admiral Sir George Page 373

- was one of the last British survivors of the Battle, a midshipman on the Tonnant, who died in 1885

- it appears that the Victorian lady who kept a Calling Book may have met his widow

Cornwallis, Admiral William Pages 8, 12, 62, 314

- blockaded the French port of Brest prior to the Battle of Trafalgar

- Lymington Library has a book of letters exchanged between Nelson & Cornwallis

- Cornwallis had Newlands Manor in Milford rebuilt; the work was supervised by Mrs Whitby (wife of Captain John Whitby) who later inherited and developed the estate

Whitby, Captain John Page 361

- Whitby served with Nelson and Cornwallis and lived with his young wife at Newlands Manor with Cornwallis but died at a young age

- Whitby was given the task of advising Emma Hamilton of Nelson's death

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

There is a memorial to Cornwallis in Milford church and along the coast road are side roads named after members of the Cornwallis-West family including West Road, Cornwallis Road and Whitby Road.

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