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Sion Place, Sion Hill, Leeds

The Victorian lady who kept a Calling Book records a visit to York in 1883 and a visit to Sion Place, Sion Hill, Leeds circa 1888. It may be that the writing is 8 Sion Place.

It would have been nice to think that the Sion Hill that the lady visited was Sion Hill near Thirsk , which has had influential people living in it over the years.

Pigot's Directory of Yorkshire 1834

I found the following entry in the Thirsk area:

Gentry & Clergy

Joshua Crompton esq., M.P. Sion Hill

See Notes 1 and 2 below.

White's Directory of Leeds 1872

I found the following entry in Whites Directory of Leeds 1872:

List of West Riding Magistrates

Hon George Edwin Lascelles
Sion Hill, Thirsk

See Note 3 below.

I was hoping that Constance Lascelles of Queens House, Lyndhurst might have been the Lady! But a visit to the Christopher Tower Referenece Libray in Lyndhurst disproved this:

Visit to Christopher Tower Reference Library

Colin Bower
31 October 2009



1. Also under Gentry & Clergy in Thirsk was a Thomas Buckle of Sowerby; the Victorian lady met the Misses Buckle in York.

2. Also under Leeds in Pigot's Directory were clergy names Fawcett; a well-known name in the Lymington area.

3. The 1881 Census shows that the Lascelles had a substantial household at Sion Hill.

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