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Find the Lady!

Potential Matches between Names in the Calling Book and Local Research

Who did she meet and where did they live?

This project has attempted to match the names in the Calling Book with actual people from available local records, e.g. the 1881 and 1891 Censuses.

It is probable that she met most of the people shown in the following list, drawn from the 1881 and 1891 Censuses:

Sarah Agar (54) wife of William Agar, Justice of Peace for Sussex,
Milford House, Milford (1881)


Clementia Attwood (40) wife of Francis Attwood, Priest
Gore Road, Milton (1881)


Mary Austin (42) School Mistress wife of Samuel Austin, Coach Builder
27 St Thomas Street, Lymington (1891)
Ann Austin (64) Living on Own Means
29 St Thomas Street, Lymington (1891)


Emma Blunt (30) wife of James Tillyer Blunt, Major (Infantry Retired)
Hoopers Hill, Milton (1891)


In the 1920s, the Blunts lived at Priestlands House.


Mary Borton (29) wife of Silvanus Borton, Vicar of Hordle
Hordle Vicarage (1891)


Emma Bruce (33) wife of Robert Bruce, Surgeon & General Practioneer
Waverley House, Cliff Road, Milford (1891)


Elizabeth Chinery (27) wife of Edward Chinery, Surgeon
Monmouth House, Lymington (1881)
or Mary Chinery (46) Widow
High Field, Lymington (1881)
or Eliza Chinery (70) wife of John Chinery, Solicitor (Retired)
Wootton House, Milton (1881)


Mary Clinton (74) Widow (see Note 1)
Ashley, Milton (1881)


Francis Crozier (88) Widower Living on Own Means
Delawarr, Lymington (1891)


H Maria Daniell (39) wife of Henry Daniell, Banker
High Field, Lymington (1881) (see Note 2)


Grace B. Dawson (28) wife of John B. Dawson,Private Income
Ivy Bank, Milford (1881)


Catherine Earle (50)wife of Hamilton Earle, Captain, Royal Navy
Church Lane, Lymington (1881)


Mary Elers (45) wife of Vicar of Boldre (1881)


Elizabeth Ellis (65) wife of Fred Ellis, Justice of Peace for Hampshire
Priestlands House, Pennington (1881)


Mary Elphinston (48) wife of Alexander Elphinston, Civil Service (Retired)
Chewton Glen, Milton (1881)


Mary Fenton (54) wife of Charles Fenton, Retired Major
Linden House, Lymington (1881)


Dora Forman (24) wife of John Forman
Living on Own Means, Boldre (1891)


Susan Fullerton (49) wife of David Fullerton
Walhampton House, Boldre (1881)


Catherine Gethin (41) wife of Richard Gethin
Captain of 4th Battalion Suffolk Regiment and Barrister at Law
River View, Boldre (1891)


Mary Godwin (?) wife of George Godwin
Vicar of East Boldre (1891)


Henrietta Goff (27) wife of Trevor Goff, Retired Colonel
Everton House, Milford (1881)


Henrietta Hammersley wife of Hugh Hammersley (48), Magistrate for Hampshire
Ridgeway, Lymington (1881)


Adeline (55) and Margaret Harding (52) Spinsters
Grove House, Church Lane, Lymington (1881)


Mary Hill (35)wife of William Hill, Physician
(Grosvenor House) 52 High Street, Lymington (1881)


Emma Hinuber (63) Widow<
Belmore, Belmore Lane, Lymington (1881)
(maiden name Barbe or St Barbe)


Mary A Hockings (54) and M. Louisa Hockings (50), Spinsters
Living on Income from Land
Woodend, Lymington (1881)
Jane Hockings (72) Spinster
Belmore Lane, Lymington (1891)


Laura Jones (51) wife of David Jones, Landowner
Warbourne House, Boldre (1881)


Ann King (36) wife of Charles King Bookseller, Stationer
105 High Street, Lymington (1891)


Margaret Lambert (64) wife of William Lambert
Vicar, Pennington (1881)


Mary Le Cocq (44) wife of William Le Cocq Retired R N Commander(?)
South Hayes, Grove Road, Lymington (1891)


Sydney E. Liddell (36) wife of John Liddell Capt R.N. Retired
Rodlease House, Boldre (1881)


Emily Mangin (?) wife of Samuel Mangin, Gentleman
Living on Own Means, Hordle Grange (1891)


Agnes Massy (43) wife of Hugh Massy Retired Lieutenant Royal Navy
Hazelhurst, Arnewood Towers Road (1891)


Adelaide Maturin (49) wife of Benjamin Maturin, Vicar, St Thomas', Lymington (1881)


Elizabeth McGildowny (33) Spinster, Sister of John McGildowny
Vicar's Hill Lodge, Boldre


Frances (75) or Harriet Noake (74), Spinsters/Schoolmistresses
(Bellevue House) 48 High Street, Lymington (1881)


Agnes Orlebar (32) wife of Vere Orlebar, Commander (?) R Navy
Fourfield (?) 74 High Street, Lymington (1891)
(formerly the surgery of Dr Rendall)


Matilda Ouvry (57) wife of Henry Ouvry, Retired Colonel C B
The Salterns, Lymington (1891)


Georgina Peacocke (59) Widow, Sister of Col Cornwallis West M P
Newlands Manor, Milford (1891)


Henrietta Price (70) Widow
3a High Street, Lymington (1881)


M.A. Rawlins (43) sister of Thomas Rawlins, Manager, Wilts & Dorset Bank
38 High Street, Lymington
Ann Rawlins (25) wife of Thomas Rawlins, Bank Manager
39 High Street, Lymington (1891)
Louisa Rawlins (31) wife of John Rawlins, Solicitor, Boldre (1881)


Emily Robinson (44) wife of Rev F Robinson, Rector, Milford (1881)


Elizabeth Robinson (30) wife of Joseph Robinson
Linden House, Lymington
(Elizabeth Louisa (Kennard) Robinson, wife of Rev Charles James Robinson
of Rookcliff, Milford, was away from Milford at the time of the 1881 & 1891 Censuses)


Fanny Rogers (55) wife of Edward Rogers, Retired Army Chaplain
1 Highfield, Lymington (1891)


Elizabeth Rooke (70) Widow, Fundholder
Formosa House, Lymington (1881)


Persis Rooke (63) wife of William Rooke, Magistrate for Hampshire
Valetta, Lymington (1881)


Marian Rooke (78) Spinster
Highfield, Lymington (1881)
Eleanor Rooke (34) Officer's Wife, Boldre (1881)
Isabella Rooke (33) Widow, Bridge End House, Boldre (1881)


Sophia Sartorius Widow Living on Own Means
East Grove, Lymington (1891)


Sophy Sheddon (58) wife of Lindesay Sheddon, Justice of the Peace for Hampshire
St Thomas St, 1 Helen's Place, Lymington (1881)


Alice Sheddon (32) wife of Lewis Sheddon, Late Lieutenant of Hants Militia
St Austin's House, Boldre (1881)
Emily Sheddon (39) wife of Lewis Sheddon, Living on Own Means
Graigwen (?), St Thomas Street, Lymington (1891)


Sibylla Shrubb (37)  wife of John Shrubb, Landowner & Verderer
Boldre Grange (1881)


Spike, Harriet (60) Unmarried (with property in Railways & Mortgages)
Holme Mead Lymington (1881)


St Barbe Caroline St Barbe Widow (60) Banker
and Ethel (17)Daughter
68 High Street, Lymington (1881)


St Barbe, Mrs F (61) Widow
Staying with Emma Hinuber (above)
(in 1881 Census as Mrs Frances H Barbe)


Constance Stopford (34) wife of Henry Stopford, Lt Colonel
Manor House, Upper Woodside, Lymington (1891)


Elizabeth Steadman (74) Spinster, Living on Own Means
Lower Road, Lymington (1891)


Edith Stedman (37) Daughter of John Stedman
Living on Own Means
Westover House, Westover Lane, Milford (1891)


Lucy Sweet (63) wife of Edward Sweet
Battramsley House, Boldre (1881)


Lucy Tinker (57) wife, Living on Own Means
Hordle House (1891)


Elizabeth Walker (60?) wife of Edward Walker, Living on Own Means
Carey House, Brockenhurst (1891)
Mary Walker (46) wife of Philip Walker
Barrister at Law, Efford House (1891)


Flora Weld (54) wife of Joseph Weld JP
The Lodge (Pylewell), Boldre (1881)


Theresa West (75) Lady of the Manor
Newlands Manor, Milford (1881)


Theresa West (50) Her Daughter (1881)(see Note 3)
Florence West (47) Spinster
The Villins, Milford (1881)


Catherine M White (53) Widow, Interest of Money
Nelson Place, Lymington (1881) (see Note 4)


Florence Wilkinson (38) Wife of Henry Wilkinson, Clerk in Holy Orders
The Vicarage, Church Road, Milford (1891)



1. For many years the Clinton family lived at Ashley Clinton, a property in Hordle near Hoopers Hill.

2. In July 2005, there was a TV documentary about Mary Seacole who was highly regarded for her nursing services to the troops in the Crimea. On her return to the UK, the Seacole Fund was established with Royal patrons. The Chairman of the Fund was Henry Daniell late Coldstream Guards, who might be or related to Henry Daniell of Highfield, Lymington (the banker who our Victorian lady appears to have met).

3. By 1891, Theresa West (51?) was a Gentlewoman On Own Means, The Villins, Milford. It appears that she later moved to Yeovilton House, Milford (Everton).

4. In 1906, a Lady White was living at Myrtle Cottage in Milford, one of the properties owned by William Talbot Agar.

But who was she?

Judging by the people she met she appears to have been a middle-aged lady living in Lymington between the years 1883-1893. From her visits, she may have had links with York and Ireland. Some of the people in 1881 Census had such links:

Local People not mentioned in Calling Book and where they lived

During the Project I identified names that do not appear in the Calling Book and are likely to have mixed in this society. As such they are potential candidates to be the Victorian lady who kept the Calling Book:


1881 Census


Mary A Banks (48), Widow, Schoolmistress
Arnwood House, Hordle (Boarding School) (Banks)


Annie Byrne (44) wife of Henry Byrne Vicar of Milford
Milford Vicarage, Milford


Emily Maria (54), Caroline (51) Isabella (37) Bowden-Smith
Daughters of Nathaniel Bowden-Smith, County Magistrate
Brockenhurst Lodge, Brockenhurst


Blanche Burton (33) wife of William Burton, Lt Col Royal Engineers Active List
Shirley Holmes House, Sway

Sarah De Jersey (38) wife of C.Carey De Jersey
Curate of Lymington, Highfield, Lymington

Edith Dent (33) wife of Villiers Dent
JP for Southampton ,  Buckland, Lymington

Mary Drummond (48) Spinster
Riversdale House, Boldre

Louise Duplessis (30) wife of Jules Duplessis, Landowner
Newtown Park, Boldre

Mary Entwistle (67) Widow Independent Means
Wolhayes, Milton

Henry Fawcett (wife Mary Ann (41))
Late Captain, 3rd Light Dragoons
Wainsford House, Milford

Annie Fluder (42) Widow Annuitant
65 High Street, Lymington

Eleanor Greenwood (31) Widow
Income derived from Estates, Sway House, Sway

Harriet Hancock (50) Spinster Lady Occupying 125 Acres
Forest Lodge, Hordle

Lina Hartopp (46) Widow of Retired Officer
Pennerley House, Boldre

Helen Hollingsworth (33) wife of Reginald Hollingsworth, Fund Holder
The Warren, Boldre

Annie Inman (26) wife of Edwin Inman, Shipbuilder
South Hayes, Lymington

Ann Jeffery (58) wife of Frederick Jeffery, Retired Church of England Minister
Claywood House, Sway

Jane Lenon (37) wife of John Lenon, Commander R. N.
Highfield, Lymington

Rose Lovell (53) wife of Francis Lovell, Gentleman, J.P.
Hinchelsea, Brockenhurst

Flora Morant (49) wife of John Morant JP
Brockenhurst Park, Brockenhurst

Emma Murray (31) wife of William Murray
Army Major Retired, Ossemsley Manor House, Milton

Jane Northcote (38) wife of Lewis Northcote
Capt Late 39th Regiment , The Elms, Boldre

Louisa Oldmeadow (51) Spinster, Schoolmistress
South End House, Church Lane, Lymington

Rose (61) and Sarah (51) Paris, Spinsters, Independent Means
Brookley House, Brockenhurst

Fanny Pember (43) Barrister’s wife
Vicars Hill House, Boldre

Charlotte Petersen (64) wife of A T Petersen
The Towers, Hordle

E. L. Popham (24) Wife of J. L. Popham
Retired Army Officer, Downlands, Hordle

Eliza Pudney (62) Widow
Annuitant, Balmer Lawn, Brockenhurst

Nina Raitt (22) wife of Percy Raitt, Lieut R. N. Retired
Downton Lodge, Hordle

Margaret Rendall (32) wife of John Rendall
General Practioner, Highfield, Lymington

Martha (65) and Frances (63) Smith, Spinsters, Annuitants
Highfield, Lymington

Emma Standish, wife of William Standish, Income derived from Dividends New Park, Brockenhurst

Henrietta Stephenson (52) wife of John Stephenson
Vicar of St Luke's, Sway

Sarah Stevens (55) wife of Robert Stevens, Physician
The Hollies, Sway

Amelia Whigham (38) wife of Lawrence Whigham, Vicar of Hordle

1891 Census

Ellen Churchill (34) wife of Charles Morant Churchill
Lt Colonel Retired, J. P. for Kent, Everton Grange, Milford


Elizabeth Crawford (41) wife of John Crawford, Living on Own Means
7 Highfield, Lymington

Edith Dent (40) wife of William Dent, J. P. for Southampton Barton Court, Milton
(the Barton Court estate was split up in the 1890s)

Fenella Girdlestone (41) wife of Horatio Girdlestone
Retired Physician and Surgeon, Woodend, Lymington

Sarah Heseltine (46) Married
Walhampton House, Boldre
(John Heseltine had purchased Walhampton in 1883)

Emma Hudson (?) wife of Frederick Hudson (?)On Own Means
Heathfield, Brockenhurst

Augusta Kenyon (68)
Ivy Bank, Barnes Lane, Milford

Sarah Lomer (71) wife of Edward Lomer
Retired Corn Merchant, Ramley, Lower Pennington
(Ramley House had many residents over the years including Sir Thomas Beecham)

Mabel Munro (24) wife of Lionel Munro, Retired Lieutenant, Royal Hants
Lady Cross Lodge, Boldre

Annie Masons (?) (59) wife of William Masons (?), Living on Own Means,
County Counsellor for Hampshire
Tweed (?), Boldre

Mary Murray (28) wife of Henry Murray
Capt 4th West Yorkshire Regiment
Efford Cottage, Milford

Edith Peel (21) and Susannah Peel (19)
Daughters of Lawrence Peel, Living on Own Means
Rope Hill, Boldre

Adelaide Taylor (84) Widow of Major General Pringle Taylor
6 Highfield, Lymington

Elizabeth Walker (60) wife of Edward Walker
Living on Own Means, Carey House, Brockenhurst

Highcliffe and Christchurch

It may be that the lady had friends and acquaintances further afield, e.g.

Meredith Brown (wife Eleanor (62)
Clergyman Without Cure,  The Pines, Christchurch

John Ellis (wife Louisa (51))
Headmaster, The College, Christchurch

Eliza Hull (48) Widow, Ecclesburn, Christchurch

John Steadman (wife Mary Ann (38)) Surgeon. The Castle, Christchurch

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

Final Report

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