The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Find the Lady!

Lymington and Milford (now Milford on Sea)


During the research into the Victorian Calling Book maintained by a lady in Lymington 1883-1893, the following photographs were taken:

The Calling Book

Pages 1 and 2 of the Calling Book

- showing visit to York in 1883

Pages 11 and 12 of Calling Book

- showing the meeting at Efford Cottage in 1886


The following photographs are of places that the Victorian Lady is likely to have visited in Lymington:

Highfield (mentioned in the Calling Book)

*First View of Highfield


*Second View of Highfield, Number 6 is on the left

*Third View of Highfield

*St Thomas' Church

*Monmouth House

- on corner of St Thomas Street and Church Lane

*Grosvenor House in the High Street



*taken on Market Day Easter Saturday 2004

Woodside Gardens, Lymington

The Victorian lady who kept the Calling Book met members of the Rooke family including the owner(s) of Woodside Gardens, which were bequeathed to the people of Lymington by Colonel Henry Douglas Rooke:

Memorial to Colonel Henry Douglas Rooke

- taken on Sunday 29 May 2005

Milford (later Milford on Sea)

Newlands Manor

It appears that the Victorian lady met members of the West (later Cornwallis West) family who lived in Newlands Manor where many famous people were entertained, including the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII:

- taken on Saturday 14 May 2005

All Saints Church, Milford on Sea

Memorial to Theresa John Cornwallis West in All Saints Church
(born Theresa Whitby who married Frederic West)

Memorial to John Cornwallis in All Saints Church

Simple gravestone for Mary "Patsy" (FitzPatrick) Cornwallis West
- wife of William Cornwallis West in the churchyard of All Saints Church

Milford House

- where William Talbot and Sarah Frances Agar lived in 1881

- taken on Bank Holiday Monday 30 May 2005

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

Find the Lady! Final Report

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