The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Find the Lady!

- Local People identified in Project and where they lived


The various forms of research (e.g. Censuses and local history books) identified a number of people whom the Victorian lady may have met or indeed may have been the Victorian lady!

People living in the the Centre of Lymington


I have identified families living in Highfield according to the 1881 Census:

De Jersey

Some of these names appear in the Calling Book (Chinery, Daniell, Rooke).

St Thomas Street

Walking from Highfield towards the High Street is St Thomas Street in which are:

1 St Thomas Street(Monmouth House) (Chinery)

30 St Thomas Street (Robert Noake, Widower, Retired Major)

43 St Thomas Street (Mrs Augusta St Barbe (65))

1 St Helen's Place (Lindesay Sheddon (wife Sophy (58), JP for Hampshire)

Church Lane

Opposite St Thomas' Church is Church Lane in which a number of important families lived:
Church Lane (Hamilton Earle (wife Catherine (50))

South End House (Louisa Oldmeadow (51))

(Ropewalk) Grove House (Misses Adeline Harding (55) and Margaret Harding(52))

Past Grove House (now demolished) was the ropewalk leading to South Hayes occupied by Edwin Inman, Ship Builder (wife Annie (28)). A George Inman, Widower, Ship Builder (64) lived in Nelson Place nearby.

High Street

The centre of Lymington has Georgian houses and narrow Burgage plots and is a delightful place to walk round.

In his remarkable book: Lymington High Street: Then and Now, Robert Coles has collated photographs and information about each building in the High Street including a list of occupants over the years. The Victorian lady may have met the following:

38 High Street (Solicitors) (Rawlins - 1891)

39 High Street (Price - 1881)

48 High Street (Misses Noake - 1881-1891)
(Bellevue House)

52 High Street (Hill (Dr) - 1881-1891)
(Grosvenor House)

54 High Street (Spike - 1891)
(Home Mead)

66/7 High Street (Bank) (St Barbe (Caroline) - 1881)

68 High Street (Bank) (St Barbe & Daniell - 1891)

74 High Street (Orlebar - 1891)

Grand Houses and Families

In his book: Country House History, Blake Pinnell lists 9 notable country houses in the Lymington area in which equally grand families lived. The owners of these properties during 1883-1893 were as follows:

Newlands Manor - Theresa West (Whitby)

Walhampton Park - David & Susan Fullerton (1881)
Property sold 1883 - see Note 1

Pennington House - Bought by Colonel John Sheddon
(who lived in the Elms - later Elmers Court)
for his daughter Adelaide who married
Major General Pringle Taylor who died 1884

Grove House - Adeline & Margaret Harding - see Note 2

Pylewell Park - William Whitaker - see Note 3

Newtown Park - Jules & Louise Duplessis

Arnewood Court - Andrew Peterson

St Austins - Owned by Pultenay family
Rented by Lewis & Alice Sheddon (1881)

Brokenhurst Park - John Morant

Some of these family names (Pringle Taylor, Peterson, Pultenay and Morant) are not listed in the Calling Book.


1. Some of the properties remained in one family's ownership for generations. Walhampton was the home of the Burrard Family for many years but the 6th Baronet went bankrupt in 1889 following its sale in 1883.

2. Other properties changed hands more often and/or were rented out; Grove House is a prime example.

3. Pylewell Park has been owned by the Whitakers since 1874. Though unable to find William Whitaker in the 1881 Census, I may have traced two of his sons William and Albert living elsewhere. The Weld family had owned Pylewell and a descendant Joseph Weld was staying at the Lodge, Boldre in 1881.

4. A number of other important names feature in the ownership and/or occupants of these properties:

Newlands Manor


Pennington House


(Ropewalk) Grove House


Pylewell Park


St Austin's


Marriages among the Important Families

In his book, Blake Pinnell mentions a number of marriages between important local families (also see Notes 1 and 2):

Shedden (Colonel John) and Lewis (Sophia)

Shedden (Adelaide) and Taylor (Major J C S Pringle) in 1827

Sutherland (Sibella) and Neufville (Jacob) in 1793

Neufville (Ann) and St Barbe (Samuel)

West (Frederick) and Whitby (Theresa John Cornwallis) in 1827

Burrard (Sir Harry) and Neale (Grace)

Burrard (Rev George) and Bingham (Emma) in 1810s
(3rd Baronet)

Knapton (Robert) and Burrard (Mary) in 1688

Shrubb J P C (see Note 3) and Peel (Alice) in 1886

Peacocke (Louise) and Duplessis (Jules)

Peacocke (Warren) and West (eldest daughter of Frederick)

Adopted Names:

Some men adopted names after marriage

Downing (George Alexander) to Downing Fullerton

Fawcett (John) to Pulteney in 1813

Burrard (Sir Harry to Burrard Neale in 1760s
2nd Baronet)

Others changes of name were identified:

Taylor (Major J C S Pringle) to Pringle Taylor

West (William Cornwallis) to Cornwallis West in 1886


1. Some of these surnames (Shedden, St Barbe, West, Knapton, Shrubb, Peacocke, Fullerton) are listed in the Calling Book.
2. There were other marriages mentioned in other local books:

Crozier (Frances) and Burrard (Harriet daughter of Sir George)

Morant (John) and Somerset (Henrietta) in 1855

Rooke (William) and Burrard (Marianne sister of Sir Harry)

Rooke (Giles) and Burrard (Harriet sister of Sir Harry)

3. Grandfather Rev Charles Shrubb Vicar of Boldre until 1875 (56 years).
Father John Lane Shrubb was a Verderer in 1878. Brother Rev Henry Shrubb.

Historical Names of Lymington

In his book: Old Times Revisited in the Parish & Borough of Lymington, first published in 1879, Edward King gives a history of Lymington which emphasises how long certain families lived in the area. The following entry illustrates the status of some of the families that the Victorian lady may have met:

Free Burgesses of the Borough of Lymington

1640.....Rob. Knapton
1647.....Thomas Erle
1676.....John King (Salt manufacturer)
1710.....Sir Jno St Barbe, Bt (of Broadlands)
1783.....William Rooke
1800.....Major Wm Roberts
1802.....Rev Ellis Jones, Curate
1830.....R.B. Crozier
............H.T Frampton M.D. (Grove House)
............Rev Thos Robinson, Vicar of Milford

Other Miscellaneous Findings

Other relevant information about names in the Calling Book was obtained from books and visits:

Memorial Stone in Woodside Gardens

"Erected by the Trustees in the memory of the late
Colonel Henry Douglas Rooke
a distinguished soldier and benefactor
who bequeathed by his will
dated the 29th of August 1925
the house and these beautiful gardens
to his native town in perpuity of the
benefit of the inhabitants of Lymington"

A photograph of the memorial stone may be seen in the attached Appendix:

Photographs of Calling Book, Lymington and Milford

Memorials in St Thomas' Church, Lymington

Francis Henry Crozier late Madras Civil Service...died 09.02.1905
Rear Admiral Hamilton Edward George Earle.........died 26.05.1902 age 72
Adeline Harding...........................................died 02.11.1889
Rev Benjamin Maturin, Vicar of St Thomas..........1852-1899
Catherine Mary White (wife of William White.......died 20.08.1899 age 72
of Up. Cerne, Dorset and Fairlie, Isle of Wight)

The Story of Hordle Parish and its Churches (Jude James)

Rev Edward Boys-Smith, Vicar of Hordle 1891-1931

Article in Advertiser and Times

"Lymington St John Nurses' Centenary"

Reference to:

Mrs Elizabeth Chinery (husband Edward Fluder Chinery) who formed the Lymington nursery division

Sisters Miss Harriett Spike and Mrs Fanny Haldane of Home Mead 54 High Street

William Ingham Whitaker (wife Mrs Hilda Whitaker and daughter Penelope) who inherited the vast Pylewell Estate

Colin Bower
31 October 2009

Final Report

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