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Somes Family - Parish Records

St Dunstan & All Saints, Stepney

Samuel Somes Waterman of Wap. Water
married 2.12.1717
Ann Ellis, Widow

St George in the East

William Somes
married 18.5.1757
Sibella Hunt

Samuel Somes bp 15.8.1758 (12 days old)
(Parents William Somes, Victualler of Vir. & Sibella)

William Somes bp 13.3.1763 (18 days old)
(Parents William Somes, Waterman of Vir. St & Isabella)

Elisabeth Somes bp 24.7.1768 (15 days old)
(Parents William Somes, VictuaR of Virg. & Isabella)

Francis Somes
married 25.11.1799
Mary Hart

Francis Somes b 27.10.1800 bp 23.11.1800
(Parents Francis Somes, Victur. of Virginia St & Mary)

William Somes bp 11.4.1802 (24 days old)
(Parents Francis Somes, Victualler of Whitehorse Lane & Mary)

Major Somes b 9.9.1804 bp 7.10.1804
(Parents Francis Somes Victualler of Pennington Street & Mary)

Edwin Somes b 26.1.1807 bp 20.8.1807
(Parents Francis Somes Victualler of Walburge Street or Halburge Street& Mary)

Sibella Somes b 23.10.1809 bp 19.11.1809
(Parents Francis Somes, Waterman of New Road & Mary)

St Giles, Camberwell

Francis Somes
married 17.11.1825
Hannah Hiron (see entry under St Leonards, Shoreditch below)

St Leonards, Shoreditch

Original Entries (see Note below)

Frances Iron  b 25 or 28.12.1790 bp 27.3.1796
(Parents George & Mary Iron of New Inn Yard)

Robert Iron b 20.1.1793 bp 27.3.1796
(Parents George & Mary Iron of New Inn Yard)

Susanna Iron bp 27.3.1796
(Parents George & Mary Iron of New Inn Yard)


Throughout this entry in the register the name Iron had been amended to Hiron and Sussanna to Hannah. Filed with the Rebister was a sworn deposition by George Hiron:

"Middlesex To Wit

George Hiron of Nichol Street in the Parish of St Matthew, Bethnal Green in the County of Middlesex and late of Shoreditch in the same County maketh oath and saith that he was present at the Baptism of his Daughter Hannah Hiron who was baptised in 1796 at the Parish Church of St Leonard, Shoreditch and this Deponent saith that his Daughter is by mistake registered as Susanna Iron whereby her true Chtistan name is Hannah and surname Hiron which name she has always borne.

Public Office, Worship Street
Justice of the Peace for the County of Middlesex
this 28th day of October 1825
Signed Wm Bennett"


After the change to the Parish Record at St Leonards, Shoreditch, Hannah Hiron married next month on 17.11.1825 (see entry under St Giles, Camberwell)

St Matthews, Bethnal Green

Hannah Somes b 30.5.1828 bp 29.6.1828
Francis Somes b 6.5.1831 bp 1.6.1831
(Parents Francis Somes Pawn broker of Green St & Hannah)

St Paul, Shadwell

William Somes bp 11.2.1728 (11 days old)
(Parents Samuel Somes, Waterman of Wap. Walk & Ann)

The information above has been combined with information contained on a Tombstone to form a Timeline:

The Somes Family - Entries on a Tombstone

The Somes Family - Timeline

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