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Brecht One-Name Study

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Charles & Henry Brecht

There was some activity on George & Mary's sons Charles and Henry

Charles Brecht

In 1895 Charles Brecht married Hannah Mary Hawkins, both aged 24.
By 1901 the couple were living in 11 Suffolk Road, West Ham both aged 30.

The 1911 Census has Charles living at 17 Thomas Street, Limehouse with his wife Julia
(both aged 39) and a son George Charles Barnett Brecht (age 1).

There does not appear to be entries for either the death of Hannah or Charles marrying Julia.

To try to solve the mystery, a copy of the certificates were obtained for Julia's death in 1933 and the
birth of her son George in 1909. The birth certificate shows the mother as Julia Brecht late Sheldrack formerly Barnett
- details of both certificates are in Certificates Held.

Henry Brecht

Trying again to find a 1911 Census entry for Henry's daughter Rose Brecht,
I found that the family's surname had been transcribed as BRAESHT!
- details in Census entries

Contact with Cousin/Baptisms in the name Bracht

Another cousin made contact for the first time. Lovely!

She inspired me to have another look for the bp of George Frederick Brecht. Did not find it but did come across 2 bp recorded in the church as Bracht:

Christ Church, Spitalfields

Elisabeth Catharine Bracht bp 15.10.1815
(Parents Henry Brecht, Colour Man of Fashion Street & Mary)

Charlotte Bracht bp 28.6.1818

(Parents Henry Brecht, Colour Maker of Fashion Street & Mary)

Colin Bower
5 January 2017

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