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Top of the list must be my decision to advertise my interest in the Brecht name.

An entry in the magazine brought me an exciting reply from my first cousin Vernon Brett who was able to tell me what happened to his father Arthur Brecht after he emigrated to South Africa, following which contact was eventually lost between Arthur and his mother and sisters. His two sons had returned to the UK since when Vernon's brother Howard Brett had emigrated to Australia.

I have met up with Vernon and been in regular contact with my new-found cousins. I was able to provide photographs of their parents taken in England before they were married in South Africa.

Meeting Cousin Vernon for the first time at Fordingbridge

Cousins Edie and Ivy Brecht

My mother gave me two photographs, one of her cousin Edie (taken with my mother as a young girl) and one of Ivy Brecht. I obtained birth certificates which tied up with information provided by my mother's sister Aunt Ellen Brecht.

It seems that the parents of Edie and Ivy (and also Rose), Henry and Elizabeth Brecht lived in Grange Road, Plaistow in 1898-1900 but there is no record of them in the index to 1901 Census (mis-spelling?). Hopefully Elizabeth's death certificate in 1904 may provide the address to enable me to search in the 1901 Census.

Colin Bower
December 2004

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