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Progress Report 2013


Progress in 2013 was restricted to developments with the following project:

Silk Weavers named Collier

James Benjamin Collier

A Descendant of James Benjamin Collier - who was a witness at the marriage of Thomas William Collier and Rebecca Wicks (Family 4) - made contact.

His family tree stretches back to the Huguenots in France in the 17th Century.

It would be wonderful if "our" Colliers were part of the same family tree (as legend has suggested a family link to the Huguenots).

William Delves Collier

One of my correspondents sent me some new certificates and a summary of her research.

She found that the father of Matthew Collier was William Delves Collier and that William was a silk weaver and manufacturer

My correspondent is descended from Thomas & Mary Ann (Dean) Collier.

New Weavers

As I had the files out, I undertook some more research and in addition to William Delves Collier, I identified 4 more Silk Weavers:

- Eliza Collier per new entry in 1871 Census
- Thomas Collier
- Ann Collier and
- Abraham Collier

The Register of Silk Weavers named Collier has been updated:

Register of Sik Weavers named Collier

Two wills & a ferret!

In updating the website, I re-read Doreen Furby's article: "Furby – a French Connection?"

Furby - a French Connection?"

in which she states that the father of Thomas Collier who married Mary Kemp was William Collier, a "fringe, ferrit and velvet ribbon maker" (1799).

It occured to me that I had never looked for William and, as you do, I "googled" him!

William Collier born 1741/2

I found a link to:

which gave William Collier of John Street, Spitalfields's death as 1808 and details of the bequests under his will to:

- his wife Phoebe
- his daughter Phoebe (house in Thomas Street)
- his eldest son William Delves Collier of the White Horse in Hare Street, Bethnal Green (houses in St John Street and Shacklewell Street and Carter Street in Bethnal Green)
- his daughter Ann Kemp (houses in Roadside, Whitechapel and Princes Court & John Street, Bethnal Green)
- his son Thomas Collier - who married Mary Kemp - (properties in & around Shacklewell Street and Shacklewell Court. Bethnal Green)

There has always (to me) been doubt about which were William & Phoebe's children and this makes it very clear and meant that the Register of Silk Weavers needed a drastic overhaul!

William's father William Collier born c 1710

In a Family History UK Genealogy Forum, a contributor asked for help in tracing more information about William Collier born 1710 who married Sarah Dealus on 4.3.1738 at St Dunstan, Stepney.

William Collier Senior was described in his 1789 will as a "Gentleman of Chester" born in London but died in Chester. He appears to have been a rich man and left virtually everything to his two sons - William & Matthew Collier.

In the Parish Records of St Leonards, Shoreditch are 2 christenings:

- William Collier bp 31.5.1741 (Parents William & Sarah Collier)
- Matthew Collier b 3.1.1741 bp 24.1.1742 (Parents William & Sarah Collier of Norton Falgate)

In the above website and another:

it has been assumed/proved that William& Sarah Collier are the parents of William Collier who married Phoebe Booth on 3.9.1782 at St Leonard, Shoreditch.

I am happy to accept that William Delves Collier had a father, William (who married Phoebe) and grandfather William (who married Sarah) as decribed. Using someone else's research means that I do not have to re-invent the wheel!

Colin Bower
9 September 2014

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