The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Family Tree Names Index

The following is an alphabetical list of names in the Bower/Collier Family Tree which appear in the web-site. The asterisk denotes people who are our direct descendants in the Family Tree. Further details may be obtained by clicking on the link:

Karen Elizabeth Abbey
Paul David Abbey
Roy Abbey
Eliza Adams*
Susan Alhous/Aldous/Ollis *
Robert Aldous *
Elizabeth Allen *
Elizabeth Bates *
Alfred Bower
Alfred Christopher Bower
Amelia Bower
Benjamin Bates Bower *
Caroline Bower
Christopher Bower *
Colin Malcolm Bower (Joint Author of Web Site)
Donald Russell Bower
Elizabeth Bower
Elizabeth Bower
Elizabeth Bower*
Emily Bower
Frederick Bower *
George Bower*
George Bower
George Christopher Bower *
Gillian Bower
Helen Jane Bower
Louise Bower
Mary Bower
Sarah Bower
Stephen James Bower
Susan Bower
William Bower *
William Bower
William Bower *
Elizabeth Bradbrook *
Fenn Bradbook*
Ruth Bradbrook
Albert Brecht
Anthony Brecht
Arthur Brecht *
Arthur Alexander Brecht k/a Brett
Arthur George Brecht
Caroline Brecht
Catherine Piper Brecht
Charlotte Brecht
Charles Brecht
Christianna Piper Brecht
Christine Brecht
Doris Ivy Brecht *
Edith Jessica Brecht
Edward Brecht
Eleanor Brecht
Elizabeth Piper Brecht
Ellen Gertrude Emily Brecht
Emily Enid Brecht
Frederick John Lawrie Brecht
George Frederick Brecht *
George Henry Brecht
Gordon Brecht
Heinrich Brecht *
Henry Brecht
Henry Frederick Ludewig Brecht
Ivy Grace Brecht
John King Brecht
Leslie Harry Brecht
Margaret Brecht
Maria Catran Brecht
Mary Ann Brecht
Rosnea Brecht
Stanley Philip Brecht
Walter Frederick Brecht
William Thomas Brecht k/a Brett
Howard Arthur Brett
Vernon Raymond Brett
David Alfred Burgess
James Walter Burgess
Agnes Rose Matilda Cocker
Edgar Charles Cocker
Francis Cocker
Ellen Colethorpe
Alice Jane Collier
Charles Collier (Father) *
Charles Collier (Son)*
Charles Robert Collier
Christine Elizabeth Collier (Joint Author of Web Site)
Edward Robert Francis Collier
Eliza Collier
Emma Collier
James Collier
James Collier*
Jean Mary Collier
Jim Collier
Leonard Stanley Collier *
Walter James Collier *
Henry Colvin (Son)
Henry Colvin (Father)
William Colvin
John Albert Cordell
William James Cordell
Elizabeth Counter*
Florence Drew
Harriet Farrow *
James Farrow *
Richard Farrow *
Alice (Farrow/Pharoah) *
Thomas Farrow/Pharoah *
Joseph Gale (Father)
Joseph Gale (Son)
Caroline Gardiner
George Gardiner
John Gardiner *
Matilda Gardiner *
Charlotte Gardner *
Edward Gardner *
Eliza Gardner
Hannah (Gardner)
Henry Gardner
Ann Matilda Goodchild*
Martha Grant (Widow)
John Hall
William Hall
Charlotte Hayes *
Henry Thomas Hayes *
Mary Ann Hayes
Thomas Hayes *
Thomas William Hayes *
Frederick Hennenn (Father)
Frederick Hennenn (Son)
Ellen Maria Holbrook *
Henry George Hughes
John Hughes
Arthur Hunt *
John Hunt *
Phyllis Marjoram Hunt *
William Hunt (Father) *
William Hunt (Son) *
Susan Hutley *
Thomas Hutley *
John Iceton (Father)
John Soren Iceton (Son)
Alice Clara Isles
William Henry Isles
David Jones*
Elizabeth Jones
John Jones (Father) *
John Richard Jones (Son)
Martha Hannah Jones *
Thomas John King (Father)
Thomas John King (Son)
Amelia Light
Eliza Marjoram *
Jeremiah Marjoram *
John Marjoram *
Elizabeth Mason *
Mary Anne Mason *
Simeon Mead
Josiah Meadowcroft
William Meadowcroft
Annie Helen Measor
James Edward Measor
Bartholomew Meehan
John Meehan
Sarah Mitchell *
Mary More *
Ann Neville *
Mary Ann Nye *
Elizabeth Odell *
Henerina Jakoba Oliver
William Oliver
Susan Ollis/Alhous/Aldous *
Jessie Hannah Paxton
Albert Perrier (Father)
Albert James Perrier (Son)
Henry Peryer *
James Peryer (Grandfather) *
James Peryer (Grandson)*
Mary Perrier *
Sarah (Peryer)
Sarah Ellen Perrier
Alice (Pharoah/Farrow) *
Thomas Pharoah/Farrow *
Gladys May Pike
S Pike
Harriet Piper
John Piper
Elizabeth Smith *
Elizabeth Pitts *
James Benjamin Pitts *
Mary Pitts *
Sarah Jane Platt
Elizabeth Ransome *
George Ransom (Father) *
George Ransome (Son)
Susan Ransome
Thomas Ransome *
Mary Reynolds *
Hannah Robinson
Ruth Robinson*
George Robson
John George Robson
Ruth Elizabeth Robson
Mary Rookyard *
Janet Routledge
Muriel (Routledge)
Maria Sanders
Charles Herbert Saunders *
Ellen Elizabeth Curran Saunders *
Francis Ferdinand Saunders
Henry Saunders *
Ruth Emily Saunders
Emma Mary Seabourn *
James Seabourn *
John Seabourn *
Elizabeth Sheldrake *
Jane Shepherd *
Alice Siggins *
Elisha Smith *
Martha Smith *
Mary Smith *
Sarah (Smith) *
Thomas Smith *
Mary Somes *
Barbara Spall *
Charles Peter Stevens
Clara Everdon Stevens
Elizabeth Harriet Stone
George Stone
Rose Elizabeth Stone
Harriet Tickner
Martha (?) Tunstell
Benjamin Walland *
Edward Walland *
Edward Walland *
Elizabeth (Walland) *
Mary Ann Walland *
Thomas Walland (Whorland) *
William Edward Walland *
Charles Waterman
Henry Waterman
Rosina Williams
Clara Elizabeth Winterman

Colin Bower
28 February 2010

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