The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

3 x Great Grandparents List (i.e. Great, Great, Great Grandparents 

Though our original aim was to trace our Great Grandparents, we have traced our Great Great Grandparents and now many of  our 3 x Great Grandparents too:

Bower/Pitts Family

Christopher Bower (Parents William & Elizabeth Bower) and Elizabeth Pitts, Parents of:

Benjamin Bates Bower

James Benjamin Pitts (Parents John Pitts & Elizabeth Bates) & Louisa Pinion/Pinnion (Parents William Pinion & Mary Smithers), Parents of


Jones/Counter Family

David Jones (Parents Charles Jones & Eleanor March) & Martha Spence, Parents of:

John Jones

Richard Counter & Elizabeth Jones Parents of:

Elizabeth Counter

Hayes/Bradbrook Family

Thomas Hayes & Mary Anne Mason Parents of:

Thomas William Hayes

Fenn Bradbrook (Parents Thomas & Elizabeth Bradbrook) & Ruth Robinson (Parents Joseph Robinson & Elizabeth Venice)Parents of:

Elizabeth Bradbrook

Gardner/Tunstell Family

Parents of:

Edward Gardner

James & Elizabeth Tunstell, Parents of:

Martha Tunstell/Tunstill

Brecht/Piper Family

Johann Friedrich Brecht (Parents Jurgen Friedrich Brecht & Anna Maria Juliane) & Maria Catharine Shocke, Parents of:

Heinrich Brecht

John Piper & Mary Hunt Parents of:

Harriet Piper

Walland/Hutley Family

Edward Walland (Parents Edward Walland & Alice Siggins) & Mary Reynolds Parents of:

William Edward Walland

Parents Thomas & Elizabeth Hutley, Parents of:

Susan Hutley

Saunders/Neville Family

Parents of - TO COME:

Henry Saunders

Cornelius Neville and Iset Adamson Parents of:

Ann Neville

Saban/Seabourn(e)/Holbrook Family

John Saban & Mary Howard, Parents of:

James Seabourn

William & Sarah Holbrook, Parents of:

Ellen Maria Holbrook

Collier/Adams Family

James Collier & Elizabeth Mason, Parents of:

Charles Collier, Silk Weaver

Henry Adams & Frances Ridett, Parents of:

Eliza Adams

Gardiner/Goodchild Family

Parents of - TO COME:

John Gardiner

Parents of - TO COME:

Ann Matilda Goodchild

Peryer/Mitchell Family

James Peryer (Parents John Peryer & Sarah Trigg) & Sarah Snelling, Parents of:

Henry Peryer

Parents of - TO COME:

Sarah Mitchell

Smith/Nye Family

Thomas & Sarah Smith, Parents of:

Elisha Smith

Parents of - TO COME:

Mary Ann Nye

Hunt/Sheldrake Family


John Hunt & Barbara Spall, Parents of:

William Hunt

Parents of - TO COME:

Elizabeth Sheldrake

Farrow/Smith Family

Richard Farrow (Thomas & Alice Pharoah) & Jane Shepherd Parents of:

James Farrow

Parents of - TO COME:

Mary Smith

Marjoram/Rookyard Family

Parents of:- TO COME

John Marjoram

Parents of - TO COME:

Mary Rookyard

Ransom(e)/Aldous Family

Thomas Ransom(e) and Elizabeth Allen  Parents of:

George Ransom(e)

Robert Aldous (Father Henry Aldis) and Mary More Parents of:

Susan Alhous/Ollis

Colin Bower
17 November 2020

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