The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Cockney Colliers

Newsletter No 6

Introduction – Outstanding Items

We duly found out further details about Thomas Collier, father of Ellen Collier (Item 1).

Charles Henry Collier and Elizabeth Crease are the parents of Elizabeth Sophia Collier (Item 3).

This leaves items 4-6 to be solved.

Visit to City of London 8 October 2011

I thought that you might like to know how I gained from attending the 3rd Gaucheron/Kemp/Collier Gathering on 8 October 2011.

I had a busy but highly enjoyable visit:

Visit to Guildhall Library

I popped into the Guildhall Library on the way to the Gathering and I have summarised my findings in the attached note:

Visit to Guildhall Library October 2011

3rd Gaucheron/Kemp/Collier Gathering

I met many more people than I expected to and there is a potential link of Charles Collier to many other Silk Weavers named Collier. We need one more push, I hope!

I have summarised the highlights of the Gathering to me, in the attached note:

Visit to City of London October 2011

Status of Project - Silk Weavers named Collier

My website update is proving more demanding with the time I have available. My aim is to publish the update by the end of November.

What's New?/Can You Help?

Do let me know if you if you want to include any news or requests for help, in the next Newsletter.

Colin Bower
October 2011

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