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Cockney Colliers

Newsletter No 3

What’s New?

Who are our ancestors?

My attention has been drawn to a Family Tree from someone on Genes Reunited that I know at least one of the Group has seen before. It certainly puts the cat amongst the pigeons, if all the information is correct.

It links many of the people with whom I have corresponded to a common ancestor William Collier who married Sarah Dealus in 1738.

James Collier & Elizabeth Mason

A number of people are showing the parents of Charles Collier, Silk Weaver as James Collier and Elizabeth Mason, which may be correct.

There is then a difference of opinion. Some have James Collier’s parents as William Collier and Phoebe Booth, which I do not think is correct. Others have shown the parents as William Collier and Martha Lee but Martha may have been too old to have had James.

I would welcome any comments about James Collier’s parents because this would be a tremendous breakthrough for those of us descended from Charles Collier.

Ellen Collier & Christopher Wheeler

The Family Tree on Genes Reunited also includes Ellen Collier and Christopher Wheeler mentioned in Newsletter No 1.

Can You Help?

Request from a Correspondent

"I will do my best to get along to the Gathering on 17 October, to meet my "cousins " and introduce the Cordell line into the mix.

I would like some help to add to information that I have put together with lots of help from my cousin regarding Cordell descendants.

William James Cordell& Emma Collier had six surviving children which I have as:

William abt 1851
Henry William b 1856 (my maternal grandfather)
George abt 1860
John Albert abt 1864 Benjamin James abt1866 and
Alfred Jonathon abt 1873.

I believe that Alfred Jonathon married Ellen Harrow and that they had two children: Frederick 1903-1993 and a Daughter who married a Mr. Lock and had a daughter Sue.

Any further information about Cordell descendants would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks"

Next Newsletter

Do let me know of any information of the What’s New? or Can You Help? variety, for the next Newsletter.

Colin Bower
4 September 2009

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