The Bower & Collier Family History

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Cockney Colliers

Newsletter No 1


I am delighted to issue the first Cockney Collier Newsletter. Whether there will be any or many more I guess will depend on how useful the Newsletters are!

How it all started

My wife Chris’ maiden name was Collier. I publicised my interest in the Collier name in the conventional way (Family Tree Magazine, membership of the East of London FHS etc) and made some contacts which unfortunately fizzled out. I decided to “go for it” and: - set up a web-site:

- joined Genes Reunited and
- publicised my interest in the attached (updated) article in Cockney Ancestor

My Article in Cockney Ancestor Summer 2007

The response was quite something:

- Doreen Furby published the attached article in the next edition of Cockney Ancestor!

Doreen's Article in Cockney Ancestor Winter 2007

- A gathering of people of Huguenot descent via the Colliers/Kemps/Gaucherons line was organised by Wendy Bennett and Doreen Furby in Bishopsgate in October 2008. (Unfortunately I could not go but 60 other people did!)
- A number of people made contact with me including some people of Huguenot descent (mentioned above) and other descendants of the Cordells (Huguenot descent) and Silk Weavers and Thames Watermen named Collier

Aims of the Newsletter

I will use the Newsletter to report successes and useful information under a What’s New? section and offer a Can You Help? facility.

What’s New?

I have been told that Wendy and Doreen plan another gathering on Saturday 17 October 2009 in London and they will publish further details in due course.

Can You Help?

Does anyone know who the parents of Thomas Collier, Silk Weaver were? (copy certificate attached)

Marriage of Ellen Collier (father Thomas Collier, Silk Weaver)

Has anyone proved who the parents of Charles Collier, Silk Weaver were? (copy certificates attached)

Marriage of Charles Collier (father Charles Collier, Silk Weaver)

Marriage of Emma Collier (father Charles Collier, Silk Weaver)

I hope that the Newsletter is of interest and I would be pleased to hear of any information of the What’s New? or Can You Help? variety.

Colin Bower
May 2009

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