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Hunt Family


1. The asterisk * denotes one of our direct ancestors
2. The symbol # denotes unrelated certificate, it appears!

Full name: George Hunt
Born at: Debenham (Date: 19/11/1839)
Father: William Hunt* (Occupation: Agrucultural Labourer)
Mother: Elizabeth Hunt* (Maiden Name: Sheldrake)

#Full name: William Hunt (of: Debenham)
Occupation: Labourer (Age: Full)
Father: John Hunt, Labourer
Married at: Parish Church, Debenham (Date: 20/7/1865)
Spouse: Mary Chilcot (of: Debenham)
Occupation: (Age: Minor)
Father: John Chilcot, Labourer
Relevant Witnesses: William Curtis, Emma Curtis

Full name: William Hunt* (of: Crowfield)
Occupation: Labourer (Age: Full )
Father: William Hunt*, Labourer
Married at: The Chapel, Crowfield (Date: 22/1/1851)
Spouse: Harriet Farrow* (of: Crowfield)
Occupation: (Age: 20)
Father: James Farrow*, Labourer
Relevant Witnesses:

Full name: Arthur Hunt*
Born at: Street, Debenham (Date: 1/7/1866)
Father: William Hunt* (Occupation: Farm Labourer)
Mother: Harriet Hunt* (Maiden Name: Farrow)

Full name: Arthur Hunt (of: Debenham)
Occupation: Labourer (Age: 23)
Father: William Hunt*, Labourer
Married at: Parish Church, Debenham (Date: 25/12/1889)
Spouse: Eliza Marjoram* (of: Debenham )
Occupation: (Age: 21)
Father: Jeremiah Marjoram*, Sawyer
Relevant Witnesses: George Spall, Elizabeth Goodwin

Full name: Daisy Ella May Hunt
Born at: Stanford Rivers, Chipping Ongar, Essex (Date: 27/7/1895)
Father: Arthur Henry Hunt* (Occupation: Cowman)
Mother: Eliza Hunt* (Maiden Name: Marjoram)

Full name: #Ernest William Hunt (of: White Webbs)
Occupation: Gardener (Age: 24)
Father: Arthur George Hunt, Labourer
Married at: Jesus Church, Enfield (Date: 28/10/1907)
Spouse: Lily Annie Hunt (of: White Webbs)
Occupation: (Age: 16)
Father: Henry Arthur Hunt k/a Arthur Hunt*, Gardener
Relevant Witnesses: Henry Arthur Hunt

Full name: Phyllis Marjoram Hunt*
Born at: 11 Wellington Place, White Webbs Road, Waltham Cross (Date: 6/6/1912)
Father: Arthur Henry Hunt* (Occupation: Gardener Domestic)
Mother: Eliza Hunt* (Maiden Name: Marjoram)

Full name: Leonard Stanley Collier* (of: 19 King Edwards Road, Ponders End )
Occupation: Joiner (Age: 26)
Father: William (should have been Walter) James Collier*, Chemical Worker
Married at: St John's Church, Clay Hill, Enfield (Date: 6/6/1936 )
Spouse: Phyllis Marjoram Hunt (of: Holly Hill Cottage, Botany Bay )
Occupation: Multigraph Operator (Age: 23)
Father: Arthur Hunt, Gardener
Relevant Witnesses: Arthur Hunt, Harry Jeffrey

Colin Bower
31 December 2007

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