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1. The asterisk * denotes one of our direct ancestors
2. The symbol # denotes unrelated certificate, it appears!

#Full name: Thomas Richard Farrow (of: St Marylebone)
Occupation: Merchant Clerk (Age: Full)
Father: Richard Farrow, Gentleman
Married at: Parish Church of St Marylebone (Date: 10/6/1854)
Spouse: Alice Baylis (of: St Marlebone)
Occupation: (Age: Full)
Father: Joseph Baylis, Baker
Relevant Witnesses: Joseph Baylis, Anne Baylis

Full name: William Hunt* (of: Crowfield)
Occupation: Labourer (Age: Full )
Father: William Hunt*, Labourer
Married at: The Chapel, Crowfield (Date: 22/1/1851)
Spouse: Harriet Farrow* (of: Crowfield)
Occupation: (Age: 20)
Father: James Farrow*, Labourer
Relevant Witnesses:

#Full name: Alfred Henry Farrow
Born at: 64 Milton Street, Marylebone (Date: 15/5/1858)
Father: Thomas Richard Farrow (Occupation: Accountant)
Mother: Alice Farrow (Maiden Name: Baylis)

#Full name: Eliza Farrow
Born at: Crowfield (Date: 15/2/1863)
Father: James Farrow (Occupation: Farm Labourer)
Mother: Anna Farrow (Maiden Name: Gooderham)

#Full name: Alfred Henry Farrow (of: 38 Arthur Road )
Occupation: Clerk (Age: 23)
Father: Thomas Richard Farrow
Married at: St Mark's Church, Islington (Date: 24/1/1882)
Spouse: Elizabeth Gurney Philpot (of: 20 Turle Road, Islington Park)
Occupation: (Age: 29)
Father: Thomas Gurney Philpot
Relevant Witnesses: Fredric Richard Farrow, Jessie H Philpot, Thomas G Philpot

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