The Bower & Collier Family History

Research by Colin Bower

Other Relatives in the 1939 Census

1939 Register for England& Wales

In preparation for searches in the 1921 Census, I identified some additional entries in the 1939 Register that may prove useful:

Bower Family

In 1939 the Family were in Dixon Street. Charlotte had married in the name Johns but was back home.

There were 2 potential additional names:

Ellen Rebecca (Bower) Elders (age c 35) and
Reuben Thomas Bower (age c 30)

I found the following entries:

63 Hinkler Road, Kenton

Elders, Francis V., Compositer Printers Reader born 1.1.1906

Elders, Eileen R.,  Unpaid Domestic Duties born 1.8.1903
(added in green Ellen Rebecca)

1 child redacted

84 Montrose Avenue, Hendon

Tolley, Daniel G.,  Tea Packer etc born 13.2.1883

Tolley, Alice M.,  Tie-Slipper born 8.9.1881

Bower, Reuben T.,  Engineering Clerk in Pipework born 1.8.1908

Note added Hendon A.R.P. Post Warden in area covered by POST D26

Bower (Tolley), Alice M., Tie-Machinest born 17.3.1909

Other names will be added in the 1921 Census: John (Jack) and Lily

Brecht Family

In addition to the family in Clemence Street, Limehouse, I found my Aunt Enid but not my Uncle Arthur Brett (who had emigrated to South Africa) and Uncle Stanley Philip Brett.

My mother will be listed in the 1921 Census.

8 Abbots Way, Beckenham

David Burgess, Company Accountant born 11.12.1904

Enid E., (Brecht/Brett) Burgess, born 20.6.1906

(note added in green: 1/2 m/c 30363 East)

Vale Avenue, Brighton

Arthur George Brecht born 23.11.1903

Eliza Louise Brecht born 6.11.1910

(Note added Welding Engineer,Munition ?
Volunteer Rescue Party at Engineering Works)

5 Ivy Close, Dartford

Walter A., Brecht, Boiler Erector& Tube Expander born 28.8.1905

Elizabeth Brecht, Unpaid Domestic Dutires born 29.3.1913

Child redacted

141 Balaam Street, West Ham

William J Brecht, Master Newsagent, Tobacconist born 14.4.1909

Eva A. Brecht, Assistant in Shop born 9.7.1907

Details of 2 children redacted

Collier Family

24 Gilda Avenue, Enfield

Albert E. Rice, Band Saw Machinest, Zinc Rolling Mills born 4.4.1895

Ellen M. (Collier) Rice, Unpaid Domestic Duties born 14.5.1895

Child redacted

25 Mapleton Road, Enfield

Albert V. Collier, Metal Filer, Bren Gun, RSA born 22.10.1899
(Albert Victor Sydney James Collier of 25 Mapleton Road died 21.12.1958 (Age 59))

Annie M. (Gilbert) Collier born 4.6.1897

Couple's marriage registered April 1920

Child redacted

36 Cowland Avenue, Enfield

Harry Jeffrey, Bren Detail W?, Milling Machinest, RSA Enfield born 12.12.1902

Queenie P. V. (Collier) Jeffrey  Unpaid Domestic Duties born 9.10.1906

Hunt Family

73 Stoneleigh Road, Birmingham

George H. Drew, Omnibus? born 4.9.1893 Daisy E. M. (Hunt) Drew Unpaid Domestic Duties born 27.7.1895

Hunt Family in Glenville Avenue, Enfield

Arthur & Elizabeth Hunt at No. 80

68 Glenville Avenue, Enfield

Herbert H. Briggs, Maintenance Engineer, Laundry born 4.7.1903

Elsie (Hunt) Briggs, Unpaid Domestic Duties born 5.9.1905
(Note later Bridger 2.1.63)

Doreen M. Briggs, School born 14.7.1929
(Note later Stubbs 20.5.68)

32 Glenville Avenue, Enfield

Frederick W. Hunt, Fitter, Bronzer, Metal Worker Shopfitting born 19.1.1908

Elizabeth M. Hunt, Unpaid Domestic Duties born 8.12.1905

15 St Johns Terrace, Enfield

Ernest W. Hunt, Gardener born 4.3.1883

Lily A. Hunt, Unpaid Domestic Duties born 26.12.1890

Child Redacted

72 Goat Lane, Enfield

Stanley H. Brice Bakers Roundsman born 13.9.1897
(Note added Herbert Starkey)

Margery A. (Hunt) Unpaid Domestic Duties born 14.10.1902

Audrey P. Brice At School born 14.9.1927
(Note added later Mills 29.6.58)

Anthony J. Brice At School born 21.9.1930

Janett R. Brice Under School Age born 11.2.1935

One child redacted

Colin Bower
23 January 2022

Parents & Grandparents in 1939 Register

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