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The Ransom(e) Family - Family History Research Report

Bower/Collier Family Tree


When I set out to study the Bower/Collier Family Tree, my initial aim was to identify my 8 Great Grandparents (Bower) and my wife Chris’ 8 Great Grandparents (Collier).

Though I have tended to study t he Family History of the 16 Great Grandparents, I have also sought to find out the additional 16 Great Great Grandparents’ family names, and any 3 x Great Grandparents along the way!

The names that I have identified are:

Bower/Brecht Family Tree

Great Grandparents



2 x Great Grandparents

Pitts (Bower)
Counter (Jones)
Bradbrook (Hayes)
Tunstell/Tunstill (Gardner)

Somes/Piper (Brecht)
Hutley (Walland/Worland)
Neville (Saunders)
Holbrook (Seabourn(e)/Saban)

3 x Great Grandparents

Pinnion (Pitts)
Spence (Jones)
Mason (Hayes)
Robinson (Bradbrook)
Shocke (Brecht)
Reynolds (Walland/Worland)
Hunt (Piper)
Howard (Seabourn(e)/Saban)

4 x Great Grandparents

Bates (Pitts)
Smithers (Pinion)
March (Jones)
Venice (Robinson)
Juliane (Brecht)
Adamson (Neville)
Siggins (Walland/Worland)

5 x Great Grandparents

Cook/Cock (Jones)
Wyat (Robinson)
Jahns (Brecht)
Odell (Walland/Worland)

6 x Great Grandparents

Amears (Robinson)

7 x Great Grandparents

Amore/Mills (Robinson)

Collier/Hunt Family Tree

Great Grandparents



2 x Great Grandparents

Adams (Collier)
Goodchild (Gardiner)
Mitchell (Peryer/Perrier)
Nye (Smith)
Sheldrake (Hunt)
Smith (Farrow)
Rookyard (Marjoram)
Aldous or Alhous/Ollis (Ransome(e))

3 x Great Grandparents

Mason (Collier)
Ridett (Adams)
Sly (Nye)
Snelling (Peryer/Perrier)
Spall (Hunt)
Shepherd (Farrow)
Allen (Ransome(e))
More (Aldous/Aldis or Alhous/Ollis)

4 x Great Grandparents

Trigg (Peryer/Perrier)

My research has included a One-Name Study into the name Brecht, my mother’s maiden name.

Names Index

The additional surnames in this Report have been listed in the Names Index below.

Ransom(e) Family

Progress To Date

Chris’ Great Grandparent: Elizabeth Ransom(e)
- Her Parents: George Ransom & Susannah Aldous or Alhous/Ollis
- Her Grandparents: Thomas Ransom and Elizabeth Allen

Mini Family Tree (Direct Ancestors)

The Ransom (e) family tree to date may be summarised:

Thomas Ransom b c 1757/8 d 1826
Married 25.2.1779
Elizabeth Allen b c 1754/5 d 1832

George Ransom b c 1790/1 d 07.10.1865
(1) 17.11.1811 Susannah or Susan Aldous or Alhous/Ollis b 25.9.1791 d 1.11.1840
(2) 1845 Sarah b c 1801

Elizabeth Ransom b 1836  bp 10.4.1836 (see Note re Chris' cousin's line)
Married 16.5.1864
Jeremiah Marjoram b c 1825/6

Eliza Marjoram b 11.4.1870
Married 25.12.1889
Arthur Hunt b 1.7.1866

Phyllis Marjoram Hunt b 6.6.1912 Died 1991
Married 6.6.1936
Leonard Stanley Collier b 30.11.1909 Died 9.5.1988

Christine Elizabeth Collier
Married 15.10.1966
Colin Bower


Chris’ cousin’s line

George Ransome b 1825 (Elizabeth's brother) - see picture below
Married 1850
Ellen Colethorpe b 1829

Susan Ransome b 1863 - see picture below
Married 1892
John Walkerley b 1861

George Ransome, Brother of Elizabeth Ransome - Chris' direct line


George Ransome's daughter Elizabeth


Summary of Research To Date

Elizabeth Ransome was Chris' Great Grandmother who married Jereimiah Marjoram in 1864 in Debenham, Suffolk.

Initially, we did not know much about the Ransom(e) Family. Because they were Suffolk folk, where families stayed for many years, we were able to obtain information about the Ransomes when we were researching the main name Hunt in Suffolk, particularly from our visits to Debenham. The main research undertaken has been IGI and Parish records but we obtained further information from one of Chris’ cousins with whom we have since lost contact.

Family legend has it that one of Chris’ ancestors founded Ransome lawn mowers and the family were “rooked” out of the family fortune. This appears to be wishful thinking!

Two Families named Ransome in Debenham

During 18th/19th centuries, there were two families of Ransomes who lived in Debenham :

George & Susan (Aldous or Alhous/Ollis) Ransome & family (George’s parents were Thomas & Elizabeth (Allen) Ransome) and
John & Mary (Garrard) Ransome & family (John’s parents were William & Elizabeth Ransome)

Two Families in Debenham

Progress Early Days

The marriage certificate of Elizabeth Ransom/Jeremiah Marjoram gave Elizabeth’s father as George Ransom and Sarah Ransome as a witness (George’s first wife was Susan Aldous who died in 1840). This immediately illustrated the two main potential versions of the family name of Ransom(e).

I bought the IGI sheets for Ransome (Suffolk) and various fiche (Parish Records). We enjoyed some very pleasant visits to Debenham where a local historian, with whom I corresponded, had put the Parish Records on to a card index. We also went to the County Record Office in Ipswich. The research received a boost when we received information from one of Chris’ distant cousins.

Progress 2004/7

The research into the Ransom(e) family became dormant and exchanges of correspondence dried up.

Progress 2008

We added an entry from the 1861 Censuses.

Progress 2009


Progress 2010

This report was written as part of the Big One! project.

Progress 2011


Things we wish we knew

Record of George Ransome's birth or baptism

Maiden name of George Ransome's second wife

Also see Summary of Records Held (Completed& To Do):

Summary of Records Held - Ransome Family

Research Undertaken

The detail of the following research has been listed as Appendices to this report:


Birth Marriage & Death Certificates Held (see Appendix 1.)
- Births: 1 (see Appendix 6.)
- Marriages: Jeremiah Marjoram & Elizabeth Ransome
- Deaths: Susan Ransome

Census Records Obtained (see Appendix 2.)
- 1841 George Ransome Widower & family
- 1851 George & Sarah Ransome &family
- 1861 George& Sarah Ransome
- 1871
- 1881 Sarah Ransome
- 1891
- 1901
- 1911
- 1939 Register

Other Research Undertaken
- IGI sheets for Suffolk held (see Appendix 3.)
- Parish Records – Debenham & Wetheringsett (see Appendix 4.)
- Wills -
- Businesses -
- Correspondence - with Chris' cousin (see Appendix 5.)
- Visits – Debenham and Ipswich

Visit to Debenham

- Photographs – Debenham
- Misc Info/Documents – see Appendix 6.

Early Advert for Ransome Mowers



The information above has been summarised in the following formats:

Analysis of Information to Date

Information has been drawn from the IGI, Parish Record and Censuses:

Ransome Family - Analysis of Information To Date

Where they were & what they did

The attached table summarises the name of my ancestors, where they lived and their occupations:

Ransome Family - Where they were & what they did

Family Tree Maker Sheets

The family details of Thomas & George Ransome have been summarised in the attached Family Tree Maker sheets which I may enter into the relationship database, Family Tree Maker:

Family Tree Maker Sheet - Thomas & George Ransome

Names Index

The following surnames appear in this Report in addition to the names at the start of this Report.


Colin Bower
1 January 2012

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