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The Jones Family

Parish Records of Grinton, North Yorkshire

The Parish Church of St Andrews has been offering church services for 900 years.  I looked in Ancestry for entries in the name Jones:

Christenings 1804-1830

*1. David Jones (father David Jones of Reeth) bp 1.1.1804

2. Thomas Jones (father William Jones of Low Whiteside) bp 24.6.1804

*3. William Jones (father David Jones of Reeth) bp 7.4.1805

*4. Ann Jones (father David Jones of Reeth) bp 18.5.1806

5. Jane Jones (father William Jones of Low Whiteside) bp 27.7.1806

*6. Joseph Jones (father David Jones of Reeth) bp 13.9.1807

7. James Jones (father William Jones of Low Whiteside) bp 21.12.1807

*8. Mary Jones (father David Jones) bp 23.7.1809

9. Ann Jones (father William Jones) bp 6.1.1810

10. Edward Jones (father William Jones) bp 3.5.1812

11. William Jones (parents David & Margaret Alderson) bp 30.5.1826

12. Isabella Jones (parents William Jones & Mary Close) bp 19.9.1830

* Direct Family

Marriages 1803-1864

*1. William Jones
married 1.6.1803
Elizabeth Roberts

2. David Jones
married 30.5.1826
Margaret Alderson

*3. Isabella Jones
married 29.9.1855
Thomas Hadwin

4. Thomas Jones
married 9.10.1855
Hannah Pettey

5. William Jones
married 16.1.1864
Anne Bell

*Direct Family


1. Thomas Jones buried 17.3.1676 (died abt 1676)

2. William Jones buried 26..3.1844 (died abt 1844)

*3. Martha Jones buried 28.4.1850 (died abt 1850)

*Direct Family


Direct family

1841 Census

Grinton, Reeth

Martha Jones (70)
Isabella Jones (25)
Mary Jones (2 months)

1851 Census

Grinton, Reeth

Low Street

Isabella Jones (37) Charwoman born Reeth
Mary Jones (9) Scholar born Reeth

Other Families

1861 Census

14 Guide Post, Bedlington, Morpeth

William Jones (35) Coal Miner born abt 1826 Grinton, Yorkshire
Jane Jones (25) born Yorkshire
William Jones Son (5) born Bothal, Northumberland
David Jones Son (3) born ditto

1881 Census

15 (?) Harker Street, Skelton in Guisborough, Yorkshire

William Jones Iron Miner (age 55) b abt 1826 Grinton
Sarah Jones (age 45) b Lofthouse
William Jones (age 25)Iron Miner b Pegwood
David Jones (age 23) iron Miner b Pegwood
Mary Jones (age 19) b Bowden (?) Close
George Jones (age 15) Iron Miner b Bowden (?) Fensham
John Jones (age 13) b Bowden


1. There are 2 curious entries:

- bp number 11 and marriage number 2

which suggests that they took place on the same day.

2. There is the possibility that David & Margaret Jones had other children christened at Marrick

3. It may be that the 12 christenings may be summarised:

*David Jones of Reeth

*David Jones bp 1804
*William Jones bp 1805
*Ann Jones bp 1806
*Joseph Jones bp 1807
*Mary Jones bp 1809

* Direct Family

David Jones & Margaret Alderson

William Jones bp 1826

William Jones of Low Whiteside

Thomas Jones bp 1804
Jane Jones bp 1806
James Jones bp 1807

William Jones (no further details)

Ann Jones bp 1810

William Jones& Mary Close

Isabella Jones bp 1830

4. William Jones in the 1881 Census may be number 11 in the christenings

5. You would expect many more deaths/burials and census entries.

I did find one extra burial:

Martha Jones buried Grinton 28.4.1850 (Direct Family)

6. The parish records were also listed in another website which listed:

- the reading of the banns when James White and Eliz. Jones married in 1761 and

- 2 occasions on which the Jones Family acted as witnesses:
Nov 25 1792/3 John Jones
Dec 6 1791/6 William Jones

This proved that the Jones Family lived in the area 1761-1796.

Colin Bower
11 January 2022

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