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The Jones Family

Appendix - Conclusions

1. When I started on the family tree, I found that one of my ancestors was John Jones (father David Jones!)

I didn't expect to get much further but in fact I found the family in the Censuses and that John Jones was born in Yorkshire and his father was a School Master.

2. I later came across the family in Yorkshire using Ancestry. Someone had submitted a family tree (shown ealier) that took me back to 3 generations of  Lead Miners in Swaledale:

David Jones 1721-1800
Charles Jones 1751-1841
David Jones 1780-1841

3. As ever, one of the problems was that there was more than one family called Jones in the area and the usual preponderance of common names like David Jones, Charles Jones and Mary Jones.

4. I relied on the family tree I had discovered until I found some apparent errors in other trees and decided to go back to source.

I searched under Reeth, Hurst/Marrick and Grinton which proved that almost all of the family tree was correct with some minor queries.

The errors I found were still errors!

5. If I was to spend more time on this one branch of the family tree, I would like to:

A. Find out when the family moved to Swaledale and who the parents of David Jones 1721-1800 were.

B. Check if  it was "our" Mary Jones, Unmarried, in the Censuses

C. Check if  it was "our" Isabella Jones who married in July 1855 and the correct name of the groom Gladwin or Hadwin

D. Check the parents of the people buried, listed in Famiily Search, including Elizabeth Jones.

E. Visit the Reeth, Hurst/Marrick and Grinton area! Seen it on TV but would like to see it for myself.

Colin Bower
11 January 2022

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